Who Would of Thought Starting Over Would Be so Crazy….

First I would like to say thank you to all my friends in my community who have been amazing at helping me rebuild and get back to living my dream.

On February 10th, 2012 I wrote a blog post called “Starting Over Again” where the main picture is this one below which really says it all for me

It’s only been 13 days since I wrote that post, I can’t believe it either and I have broke through most of the obstacles to the point that I am almost back on my feet. I am still working on the financial which I know will take time but it is coming.  I couldn’t have done this all by myself I have a great network of friends who have stepped up and worked with me to get me where I am today. With my drive, determination, dream and their knowledge, support and understanding I wouldn’t have turned this around so quickly.  Just to name a few people I would like to thank for all their guidance, love and support: Nikki Hayes , David Cohen , Ann Burns , Laurie Carleton Smith Suzanne Hanlon , Jennifer Kennedy , David Ledoux just to name a few. I have hyper linked their names to their Facebook Pages if you want to connect with them. All I ask is this PLEASE be respectful when connecting with them. They are amazing people and if you treat them that way they will provide amazing insight,  support and welcome you into their community. Which means NO Pitching or Selling they have their own successful businesses and are doing very well.

Now lets talk about how this has turned around because I am sure some if you are going through the same challenges I just went through.

  • Loss of job, career, business went under
  • Break up with loved one
  • Having to find work to make ends meet
  • Concerned about bills

Some of us are facing these challenges right now as I am writing this post. The question is what do you do to get out of it, how do you find a job, get a steady income coming in so you can put food on the table, roof over your head and clothes on your back? How was I able to go through my situation and within 13 days have money coming in, be able to pay my bills and have a strategy that is working to get me back to living my legacy?

This is the formula that I used to get myself to where I am today:

First, I worked on my expectations- Which means I had to make sure my ego was in check that I become truly humble in this situation and not let my ego get the best of me. For example some of the lies it would bring up are: “I can’t work at that warehouse, I’m a successful Coach”, “$10.25 an hour, WHAT! that is too little, I was making $100.00 per hour”…etc.  I had to understand that this is my journey and to be thankful for what I have, to appreciate that $10.25 was what I needed to make right now to have stability. Not to settle on $10.25 but to appreciate that I could have a foundation to build on and to manage my time so I could do the things I needed to rebuild.  For example:

  • Interviews
  • Talks/Presentation/Workshops
  • Meeting with people
  • Going to networking meetings
  • Social Marketing (Blog Posts/Videos)

My skills have not changed I just need to work harder to market myself and educate people that I don’t just have the knowledge but I can prove what I can do. The best way now is to show you personally.

Which brings me to my second point- Have an action plan in place don’t be complacent because money is coming in get frustrated and unhappy that you are in this place that you want to be living your legacy. Now it is a little bit of a conflict in what I am saying and I will explain.  If you are happy and joyful that you are working at a warehouse you will settle and not work to achieve higher levels of success. You will not push yourself to get out of that job and one month will become 6 months, which will become a year and you will look back and say if I only did…. I should have ….

To show you exactly how this conversation would go for me personally ” Thank you for letting me work at this warehouse and paying me, I do appreciate it. I am not happy with the situation, I am tired, fatigued, sore, I am not able to work with people like I want to, I only have a limited amount of time to do the things I enjoy. So I don’t have time to waste working too long at this job which is only temporary and I need to move on.”

Now the action plan:

1) Write out your Legacy; what do you want to do each and every day

2) Tell the entire world! Seriously, anyone you come in contact with when they ask you what you do give them your 30 second elevator speech.  “My name is Brandon Krieger I’m a Social Technologies, Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Professional Speaker. I work with People world wide to help them achieve success personally and Professionally”

3) Cut down on all expenses that are not needed at this time. VERY IMPORTANT do not focus on the debt, reduce what you can and set a plan in motion to pay your bills. The more you can automate it the better at this point. Speak to a good financial advisor who can show you how to do this. If you can’t find one send me an e-mail

4) Here is where all your focus needs to be- How can you make money doing what you enjoy by:

– Having a clear understanding of what you want to do

-Market Research

– Connect with Recruiters

– Connect with the niche community

– Ask questions and see how you can help

– Tell the world what you are doing

and when you are using Social Marketing this is what I would recommend you do

1) Educate

2) Answer questions

3) Then promote your product/service

Key points here 

When it comes to sales – People buy from people they KNOW, LIKE AND TRUST that is why it’s so important to follow this 80/20 rule. 80% of the time you should be doing #1 Educating and #2 Answering Questions and then 20% of the time #3 Promoting your product/service.

This is just a brief overview of what I have been doing to get back on my feet to the point that I have several proposals I am working on for companies to help them with their Social Technologies and Social Marketing.  I have had a few interviews in the last 2 weeks for great companies that are still in the interview process, thanks Jasneet from www.altisHR.com  amazing Recruiting and Marketing Strategist.

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I hope this post really helps people see that no matter what the situation is you are going through, with the right support, mental focus and action plan you can overcome most challenge in no time.

Love & Chi
Brandon Krieger


  1. kimberleytilley642

    Great post Brandon….You have helped so many people including me, so GREAT to see that it’s coming back around!!!


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