Do you Believe or Don’t you?

Hi Everyone,

It has been a while since I wrote on my blog I want to clarify what is going on with me and how I have evolved to where I am today as well this is more a personal post vs a technical one.

Over the last several years I changed over from an IT Consultant to a Holistic Lifestyle Coach. Which has really taught me how to be healthy in all areas in life, Personally, Professionally and Spiritually.  That has evolved to I use all the tools and knowledge that I have gained and combined them.  That is why I have been using the title as “Social Technologies Coach” by combining the IT knowledge and Holistic Lifestyle coaching to really help people on all levels as well globally.  That is why you will see on my website at I offer 3 main services  Holistic Lifestyle Coaching, Business Coaching, Social Technology Coaching.  Each one working on a certain aspect for example Holistic Lifestyle Coaching working on You, Business Coaching is working on the We aspect of your relationships with people, career or business, Social Technology Coaching working on the ALL relationships of working with society and on a global scale.

I tell you this to make you understand that as I evolve it is because I have my ear to the ground and I am watching to see what people are asking for and trying to be of service. I still work on these key principals no matter what the person coming to me wants to work on. I believe everything you do is about I (meaning you) We relationships and the ALL. You have to start at the foundation which is you and work your way up.

Over the past 2 years I have been taking more spiritual growth and alternative courses looking at energies, treating people like Reiki, working with positive energies and clearing negative energies.  Not forgetting and always having my other tools in my kit to help people. I am find lately more people are feeling changes in energy around them, be it weather, climate, being in a room with people and just not feeling comfortable…etc  To people who walk into a room and just don’t feel comfortable, the hair stands on the back of their neck, they start feeling sick, whatever that may be.  Whatever your beliefs are I respect if you are relating this to religion, paranormal, whatever. I am not relating this to any religion this is just my analytical mind expressing what I have seen and felt.

Now they reason why I am talking about this is because this is a personal subject for me, because as far as I can remember. I use to be scared at night and feel that something was in my room with me. I’m not saying there was but it just didn’t feel right, made the hair on the back of my neck stand up and my heart race. To the point I would cover my head with a blanket and pull my comforter up to my chin so I would only have my mouth out so I could breath.  To this day I still have nights where I sleep with a blanket over my head.  Now over the years I have talked to different people be it professionals or just friends and families.   I tell you this is because this is one of the reasons I started to learn about energies, psychics….etc I learned ways of protecting myself, my place, as well as the people around me.  That is why I keep taking more spiritual courses to learn how to help people overcome these same challenges.  Taking these courses has helped me feel more secure and that I am able to protect myself, my family people that I meet that need my help.  I don’t want anyone to go through the same challenges that I went through especially kids because for me that is the scariest growing up feeling scared when I slept.

Some things you can do for yourself is

1)      Keep your house, work area…etc clean and orderly

2)      Through the day open up the windows and let fresh air and light come in

3)      Stay positive and if you feel there is something you are experience that is scaring you contact a professional who can give you a free consultation. There are people that can help you I wish I would of know that when I was growing up.

Love & Chi,

Brandon Krieger,
Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Reiki Practitioner & Professional Speaker

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