“YouTube Is Cracking Down Big-Time! Can YOU Beat The YouTube Slap”

I would like to thank everyone that attended the free webinar, there was a lot of great information. I know a few people missed the webinar so I’m going to provide 10 key points to look out for when marketing with YouTube

1.  Use only 1 I repeat 1 Youtube account per person per IP address. Youtube is cracking down and if you have multiple channels setup they will disable both channels.

2. Never Spam your Video Description Titles or Tags with key words

3. Never every purchase Youtube views

4. Never use software to add friends, comments to get your ratings up automatically

5. Never Upload duplicate content

6. Use Your for more then just marketing. Keep people content and value just don’t sell your product, company or service

7. Use Youtube for Branding purposes to establish yourself as a leader in your industry not a sales person

8. If you have 2 or more channels I recommend you go down to 1 channel and ask your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to change your IP address Youtube is tracking by IP address

9. Do Not use an e-mail address that includes your personal name to create your channel if your name was associated AT ALL with the a channel that got suspended you will have issues with any other channel

10. Do Not put your entire name on your channel profile if your name was associated AT ALL with a channel that got suspended.

I will be posting free webinars, my KNSS Consulting Live show, conference calls..etc here so join the RSS feed so you don’t miss one.

Thanks everyone.

Brandon Krieger

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