Why is healing yourself so Important?

Why is healing yourself so Important?

Many of us focus including me when times get tough we focus on money, debit, our wants vs want we truly need. This has lead into colds, flues, feeling emotionally down and over time if not dealt with can lead into a disease.

When you look out our primal instincts the order of importance for our survival is

1)      Safety

2)      Security

3)      Substance

4)      Sex

If these are not met in this order our body starts to try to control this order. If you do not feel safe at your work then your sex drive goes, then challenges with eating and it works back to safety and security until you start to heal.

I see and talk to people all over the world about their personal or professional challenges.   Each and every time I have worked with someone I had to start from the foundation of safety and security. Then work on substance and the rest comes.

Now I write this article today because more and more people are getting sick, having financial problems, going to pharmaceuticals to help and are finding themselves in the rat race.  We need to educate on self care how to take care of our own well being first and then deal with the other challenges. If your stressed, not sleeping well, not eating properly how are you going to solve any problems.  Think of it this way say you are a builder and you are going to build a house. You see a lot open that you can see an beautiful house being built in. You design the plan and start getting to work, as you start building you run out of supplies and challenges start to come up. You have 2 choices one you take a break sit back and get the right supplies for the job and go maybe a little slower. Or you push through using rusty nails, rotten wood, you are tired, stressed and just do not care.

Now here is 2 questions for you

1 Which house would you want to live in?

2 What do you think the health is going to be of the builder after he is finished?

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Brandon Krieger,
Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Reiki Practitioner.

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