Why is Business so Hard!

Being in business can be challenging for anyone. You have to wear so many hats if your just getting started out, business planner, accountant, marketer, researcher,  developer, web master, service and/or product developer, visionary…etc.  If you don’t have these skills people always recommend you outsource, contract some one or hire an employee. Where are you suppose to get the money? Yeah business planners talk about loans, business plans…etc but that is in theory you still have to test the market, see if your product or service is going to work and is profitable so you can keep the doors open.

For me I have and still do wear multiple hats as I develop my business and try to help people. I have made several changes through my business and number of mistakes. I have changed my rates, marketing, services, research…etc and I will keep making changes to my business until I can find how I can help the most people.

When you decide to go into business you have to decide really2 main things is it about the money or is it about the service/product that will help the people who purchase it.

When people make it about the money and not helping people their business becomes a lot harder because we all have an internal alarm system that tells us to stay away. When it becomes about the people and helping them better their lives. That’s when money is not an issue,  people will really appreciate you and your product/service because it has helped them.  We have all invested money into items, services, books..etc that we felt would better our lives. When we see results we feel great.

That’s why I am working so hard right now as a Holistic Lifestyle Coach to help educate the people I come in contact with, why it’s so important to look after their health.  The ones who really need my service I do my best to work with them by either giving them free tips to use, books/resources to read, movies to watch and if they need it work directly with me so I can coach them. Be it nutrition, exercise, lifestyle coaching…etc whatever it may be I really want to help.

If you’re in business think about how you’re servicing the people you are working with. Make it about them and really helping them with no expectations on return. You will see the rewards.

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Love & Chi

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