What’s Your Passion

Over the last 6 months I have really been going back and forth trying to find my passion. Like most of you out there we are over loaded with information, facebook, twitter, youtube, trying to build our business’s but just can’t figure out what exactly is our niche in this global world.

As I watched how people are interacting you see how people are desperately trying to sell their products/services. Watch twitter, you will see the posts people tweeting ” I can do…”, ” Check out this link I found because it will help you…”,…etc. The list goes on and on of these generic posts to anyone that is listening and really attracting a very few.

That is why you have to find out what you’re passionate about. I am sure your asking ok how do I do that.  You have to get to your core values of what you want, what makes you happy. Then do that each and everyday, be around the same people who are doing the same thing, ask that group if there is anything you can do and sit back and listen.

I watched an interesting Youtube Video with Gary Vaynerchuk explaining how this Social Media/Social Networking era is actually bringing us closer together.  Think of this world now like a small community. In the old days if your Grandparents went to go get a dozen (12) buns from the local baker and asked for an extra bun. The baker would give it to them and charge them for the dozen. If the baker didn’t they would tell the community of how they were treated.  Now take that analogy and put it on the World Wide Web.  Never before have we been able to connect with so many people with just with one post.

Now you ask how is that related to your business, your income…etc Think of a time someone help you out when you were looking for answers, would you go back to them if you had another question. Would you refer your community to them if they were just about helping you. This is something you need to think about before you really get out and start posting your world’s greatest products/service.  See how your passion can help someone else, how your knowledge and expertise can answer a challenge or concern they are having. Connect and make a relationship by asking them questions.  From there you will have friends in your community that will want to help you build your business and that is stronger then just building a list of people you don’t even know.

Remember the cliche that “Blood is thicker then water”. Make your business like a family and you will see it grow.

I want to give you action items to help you out. If you are reading this and are having the challenges above

1) What’s your purpose in life?

– This is a real psychological question and can take some time to answer.  To give you some examples People’s purposes in life have been to teach, to heal, to help people in need to give you some examples.

2) What’s your exercise needs?

– Do you exercise in the morning or at night? What type of exercise do you want to do for example spin class, martial arts, sports team…etc

3) What are your relationship needs?

– Do you want to be in a relationship? What type of relationship do you want? Do you want a short term or long term relationship?

4) What are your educational needs?

– Do you want to keep learning? What is your learning style is it Visual, Auditory or Kinesthetic? Do you like learning by self study, in a class room, one on one instructions…etc? What material do you like to learn about; Health and Wellness, Computers, Finances, Business, Real Estate…etc

5) What are your time needs?

– How much time do you need in the morning to get up and get ready? How much time do you need to work out, prepare your food, spend time at work..etc  just a side not this will help with time management remember each of us only have 24 hours in the day. 8 hours to sleep, 8 hours to work. Then 8 hours to divide up with personal time, education, working out…etc

6) What are your rhythms?

– Are you a morning person or night person? Are you more energized in the morning and feel you are more productive or are you more a night?


Really find out what you truly want and then compare it to what you are doing now.

Next article I will tell you how this relates to your business.

Love & Chi,

Brandon Krieger,
Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Reiki Practitioner & Professional Speaker

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  1. Chris

    What’s Your Passion……what a great question. I don’t have a scientific survey to back this up but I believe the majority of people have no idea what their passion is. We are too vague in answering that question. We respond with answers such as my passion is to be successful, rich, or happy. What are those things? The answer would be different for each of us.
    My passion is being a dad and a teacher. Although I am not a teacher by trade or profession that is what I feel the most joy doing.
    Thank you for the thought provoking question.

  2. knssconsulting

    Thank you so much Chris, I really appreciate the feed back. Through Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Internationally. This is one of the fundamental things I work with first. Peoples Core Values of who are they and what are they passionate about. So I totally agree.

    I really appreciate your comments and know this I believe being a Dad is one of the most important Teaching Job out there! No bullshit, I believe parents are essential for a child’s success. When a parent cares like you do to be a teacher, your little one has the world at their feet.

    Let me know if there’s any information/topic you would like me to cover that could help you out.

    Love & Chi,



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