What Would Happen If You Lost All Your Social Sites?

What would happen if you lost all your social sites - KNSS Consulting Group

Image you woke up this morning, you go to login to your social sites; Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest…etc.  and you’re not able to login. You realize that all your accounts are gone. Months or maybe even worse, years of content now gone. There are a number of ways this can happen – hackers, a virus, or maybe the social site deleted your account because you went against one of their policies. 

My question to you is how would you feel?

Most people I’ve talked to have planned an amazing social media campaign. They have planned 6 months to 1 year of content development, deployment and engagement. 

But when I asked them how would they deal with the loss of their social sites most of them have never even thought of it. They never included a backup strategy as part of their plan. They assumed that their content would just be there and they would be able to get access to it because the social site would have it.

When I discussed this very topic with them explaining the possible risks they were shocked that they could lose it all. Personal photos, videos, information,company content, etc. that they invested a lot of their money and time developing. All gone and if they don’t have a back up strategy could be lost for ever.

That is why when you are planning your social media campaigns you need to include a back up and recovery strategy to make sure you can recover if you happen to have issues with your social sites. 

Here are some questions you need to ask when developing a back up and recovery plan:
1) How do you back up your social sites?
2) What days do you schedule your back ups on? Per day, per week, per month.
3) Where do you back up your content/data?
4) How secure is your back up solution?
5) How do you restore your social sites if lost and/or compromised?
6) How do you restore your content?
7) How long will it take to restore your social sites and content?

If you know anyone that needs help with their back up and recovery strategy have them e-mail me at info@knssconsulting.com 

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