What Is Your New Year’s Resolution For 2015?

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I hope you had a great Holiday with your family and friends. Did you get some time to rest and repair? 

I know everyone is talking about New Year’s resolutions have you started yours?

Through the years I’ve wrote numerous New Year’s resolutions in preparation for the up-coming year and personally found these tips to help achieve my resolutions. 


Recap The Past

One of the most powerful things you can do is review your past year. See what worked through the past year, what you have accomplished and what you weren’t able to achieve. This way you can truly evaluate the past and what’s working towards your future success. 


Set Realistic Goals That Your Passionate About

Life is to short, to achieve success you need to have razor focused goals that are passion driven. I know in my past I would write out goals that were focused on moving to the next level. Be it with my health, wellness, career, relationships, business…etc. What I have found was that my success was hit or miss, when I wasn’t truly passionately focused I wasn’t able to achieve my goals. To achieve my goals I only set ones that I am completely passionate about and that will drive me to achieve success.   That is why in the past few years I have narrowed down the categories that I set my goals with: 










Then I keep it simple by only working on 3 to maximum 5 goals per category that I am passionate about.  This way I know I can successfully achieve my goals. 


Secret To Success

One of the secrets to success with my goals and in my life is this: bring joy to yourself and then bring joy to others. While you are working on accomplishing your goals this is the formula I have found that has helped me achieve the lifestyle I’m fortunate enough to live each day.

Most people work so hard and don’t do this. I’ve worked in many different industries with numerous people from all different ages. I’ve heard regrets, people hating what they have manifested and wishing they can do something different. I’ve heard each story and personally never want to be on the other side saying that I regret….  

That is why it is so important to have the right strategy to setting your New Year’s resolutions for 2015.  


I would love to hear how your New Year’s resolution goals are going and if there is any way I can help you.


Fiat Lux,

Brandon Krieger
KNSS Consulting Group Inc.

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