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 In today’s Vlog 28, Day 12 of my Intermittent Fast I discuss a e-mail blast I receive from Craig Morantz from GoTo Market Guy The title of it is WHAT’S YOUR MOST VALUABLE ASSET?”.  The e-mail discusses a conversation Craig had at a Mastermind Talks event where Shaa Wasmud discussed that most valuable asset is your network. I will post the link below to the article if you would like to read it.

I agree your network is very important, I would even say it’s #2 on my list of most valuable assets. My #1 though is Health, which to me will always be the most valuable asset I will ever have, let me explain.

No matter how big your house is, how expensive your car is, what watch you wear, the toys you play with, the millions of dollars you have in your bank account and the massive network you have built. None of those will matter if you get sick!

Here are some truths:

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Just with those stats alone you can see that our health as a society is not were it needs to be.

Now put yourself in this situation, if you were diagnosed with cancer or you are one of those people who in the next 7 minutes will have a heart attack. Do you really think that that laundry list of assets you have developed, the network of thousands of people you’ve built, the amount of money you make per day, week or even year will matter?  I will tell you first hand, seeing a family member going through cancer all those perceived assets were a distant thought. Your only concern will be to do whatever you can to get better. The worse of a illness you are diagnosed with the more focused you will be at getting better.

We as a society are taught from an early age in school that we have to achieve success, “Get a “A” in school and you will be able to do….”, “Win that game and you will…”. We take that foundational pattern and take that into our career or business. We strive to achieve success at all cost, including our health. We will eat garbage food, stay up to all hours of the night, not exercise for weeks just because we have worked to do, we have to go to a meeting, we have to make more money. But when we get sick we meetings get cancelled for doctors appointments, work gets put to the side because you just don’t feel well and how you make money is ultimately affected.

I was in the health field for over 7 years consulting with clients. Now I work with clients on their marketing and business needs. The #1 thing that hinders a person business is their mental health, physical health and emotional health which I will break down.

Mental Health – If you are not eating properly, not sleeping 6 to 8 hours per night and getting a full night sleep, not able to de-stress from the day your mental health will be an issue. You will not able to be able to focus, have very little patience, make quick decisions that can be costly, will not be able to re call important information, rush around to meeting when you know it’s not worth it and work will pile up. But you will keep pushing because you want to achieve success.

Physical Health– How many people wake up to feeling tired, needing a coffee to get the day going? Are stiff and sore and they are only in their 30’s. Have digestion issues, injures that take a long time to heal, back pain, neck pain or just don’t feel good but know they have to push through it. They have meetings to go to, work that needs to get done.

Emotional Health- Now emotional health is one that a lot of people don’t like to acknowledge because if they do, it becomes real and they have to deal with it. There are so many people that are not happy with their business growth, the money they are making, the relationships in their lives: business and/or professional. They think if they just keep pushing through things will get better. But they don’t realize over time emotions will manifest themselves into physical symptoms. For example ever been in a meeting that was just annoying you and you felt like you wanted to say something like “WOW you’re an idiot and you have no clue...”. But you know that wouldn’t be right, so you held it in. As the meeting kept going and that person annoyed you more. Your neck started to stiffen up, you felt like you needed to stretch. Ever felt that? I know I have in the past.

We all are striving to achieve success in our lives, working different systems, strategies, learning as much as we can, all to achieve our dreams.  Remember the vehicle you are using to go through this journey to success is your physical body and to make sure it still runs like a Ferrari you have to take care of it. Problem is we are not like a car that we can just replace the parts. When we start to break down and get sick it can be more serious and it will affect everything in our lives: our business, relationships and most importantly ourself. That’s why I believe we need to be proactive in taking care of our #1 asset, OUR HEALTH.

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