What Are Your Social Media Mobile Apps Really Doing?

What are your social apps reading doing - KNSS Consulting group

Do you know what your social media mobile apps are really doing?

The following is an article you may find interesting.

Over the last 10 years technology has been evolving and making our lives easier. Just look at our mobile devices and what we can do with them: from answering the phone, texting, receiving e-mails, to now so much more.

As a business owner I’m sure you’re doing your best to use social media as part of your marketing strategy. You are probably learning about new applications almost daily that will help you be more efficient, track your campaigns, distribute your content or any other way your marketing can be best utilized.

One thing I’m finding is that a lot of people are installing these applications to be more efficient but they are not reading the fine print. A lot of these applications are getting access to areas of the mobile device, collecting information about you and sharing it.

The people I started to tell about this as I was doing my research at first didn’t care. But when I told them what was being collected and what was being shared they started to think twice.

Here is just some information that is collected:

1) Tracking your location and daily activities up to 5 decimals points using your longitude and latitude coordinates
2) Getting access to your contacts
3) Tracking your daily activities from other applications like your calendar, notes, e-mails…etc

When you start really reading through the fine print of the contracts you acknowledge or don’t acknowledge you really start to see the information these applications are getting access to.

This is not meant to scare you, but, as they say knowledge is power. I want you to be aware of what is happening so that you can be more educated on what you install on your mobile device. This goes with your social sites as well, Facebook, Twitter, Google+…etc If you are installing apps native or third party – be careful.

As I am studying more cybersecurity, I am seeing more and more stories of people having issues they assumed would never happen.

Here are some recommendations to keep you safe:
1) Do the research before you install any applications. No matter who is recommending it, do your research.
2) Read reviews from other people and online. See what other people are saying.
3) Don’t install an application that has just been launched. Give it at least a few months of being live to see what the feed back is. This way you don’t run into bug issues or any other vulnerability the application might have.

If you don’t know if the application you are using or have installed can be a potential issue, contact us and we can do the research for you https://knssconsulting.com

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