What Are Your 2016 Goals?

2016 Goals - KNSS Consulting - Cybersecurity

We are only a couple of days away to the start a new year.

How was your 2015? Did you achieve your last year ‘s goals?

Have you started to write out your 2016 goals -your personal goals, professional goals, spiritual goals…etc?

I started mine a few days ago in Evernote which is one of the tools that I use for taking notes.

The areas  which I am focusing on this year are these:

  1. Personal goals
  2. Professional goals
  3. Spiritual goals
  4. Health goals

See my goals here Brandon’s 2016 Goals

A few tips to think about when writing out your goals:

  1. Make sure you write them as if you have already accomplished them. For example “I will weigh 180lbs this year” versus “I would like to weigh 180lbs this year”. The difference is the first one is concrete and the second example is like you are asking for permission and hoping it will happen.
  2. Make them obtainable – meaning that you are going to put the energy and work in to obtain them. Don’t wish that you will make a million dollars in revenue this year if you’re not willing to hustle for it.
  3. Make them inline with your passion. You have to be excited about achieving your goals. If your goal is one that you really are not passionate about you will find it hard, frustrating and will eventually want to quit to do something you enjoy.
  4. Tell everyone! The more you talk about your goals with the people in your life the more energy you will put to it. Your friends and family members will ask you about it to keep you excited as well keeping you accountable in achieving your goals. Also, the more you talk about your goals the more that will help the creative process. You will come up with great ideas to keep your track.
  5. Take action daily. This can be actually doing the goal, reading about it, talking about it, teaching someone else, just as long as you are taking daily action. Consistency is the key to accomplishing any goal. There might be times you feel it’s not going like you would like but stick with it. The way to accomplish your goals is to learn as you go and keep moving forward.


Comment below on one tip you feel would help other people accomplish their goals.

Fiat Lux,

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