Welcome Too 2011


Happy New Year Everyone!

It has been a long time since I posted on here. A lot of great changes have been going on as well trying to clear up some things from the past years.

I am sure most of you are like me planing out your personal goals as well as professional goals for 2011.

I am on the same page as you are. I have completed a Goal sheet as usual but I haven’t finalized it because bombs keep dropping.  Like a revamp of my website as well as Ultimate Sports Therapy’s website. Which we have kept the same look and feel because we think a like. Different content but different look and feel.

In the first Quarter (January to April) I am planing on having my e-book completed and ready for you guys to have. I have heard about going through a publisher but I want to have the choice of what I release and when I can release it.

Some tips I want to give you to help you get started on the right foot.

1) If you have anything lingering that you can deal with from last year try your best to complete that project. I find personally that until you do it keeps coming back either physically or energetically.

2) Start setting out goals and action plans on what you want to get completed and here is the key if they are big project don’t pick more then 3 at the most. I personally tell the people I work with focus on one put all you energy and focus into. When you get it completed then move on to the next one

3) Balance out your time. This is key because I have personally getting caught up with work after a long day of work. I have found my self up at until 4am in the morning trying to get something done.  I know it’s hard to put something down I have been there, but my advice and I am talking my own advice is. Work until 8pm at night then disconnect now if your a shift worker and work nights this wouldn’t apply. If you are a normal 9am to 5pm person and are working on a project after ours shut down at 8pm.  This way you can start to slow down and be able to get good rest and repair for the next day.  It is better to have 1 to 3 hours of focused productivity then a weeks work of scared development.

Start with those ones.

Now just a side note I’m going to do my best to be more active here and really share what I know so that you guys have some great content.  I need your help my goal is to get over 100,000 followers by the end of this year. Now I want to get that many followers because if one person puts a comment or shares an idea it can potential help hundreds of thousands of people.  One thing I’m sure if you read my posts prior to this I put everything out there. I don’t care who is reading this, really.  I only work with 8 to 10 clients per week tops so this is not for financial gain. I don’t have the time to work with more. I am working with a clinic as a consultant and helping them grow.  So my focus right now is to help.  If I can put one post and help that many people I know I am using my knowledge for good use.  I have worked with people all over the world which I have seen the stress and frustration they have. Be it physical health, personal challenges or professional. I coach each of them through the fundamentals at first, then individualize their strategies from there depending on their unique core values and legacy.  Now like I said what if you could put up one comment that 100,000 people who are having the same problem who first understand the challenge. Second you provide them the solution you used to over come that challenge and it works for them.  How amazing would that be.

Please post your comments  below

Love & Chi,

Brandon Krieger,
Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Reiki Practitioner & Professional Speaker

For more information contact me at info@knssconsulting.com or visit us at www.knssconsulting.com


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