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It’s been a few a while since I posted. I have been busy working with people over the last few weeks and my business has been picking up fast. I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to help so many people.

I have a few things coming up in the next month.

1) I’m going to start doing video’s again on Thursday. I will be live on Thursday at 1pm so people can ask me questions for FREE. Plus I will be doing 1 recording on Thursday as well.
2) I’m going to get back to writing articles. I’ve been so busy I forgot to get back to what I enjoy which is sharing information and helping people.
3) I just finished my new website and am really happy with the comments I’m getting back from people.

Business has been a good challenge for me, it has taught me how I didn’t want to be in business. How some companies put money first, then themselves, then the client. My strategy is my energy first, then the person I’m working with, then the business.

Let me explain this in more detail

Me First— I schedule my time now that I have time to workout, eat right and study to keep developing. I don’t work with people that I can’t help I refer them to other people. I have also set my hours that I have time to recharge and be present with the next person.

People I work with– Because of the above I am able to put more energy and be present with the people I am working with. I am able to design and action plan and coach them through it. I am able to assess constantly and make sure the program is adjusted as need be. This way the people I work with are happy and are able to reach their goals.

Business- I have systems in place that help me run my business and take only a few hours a day to manage. I’m also working with business friends who constantly help me develop. Now don’t get me wrong I had to but the systems in place before I started my business but this is dynamic and is always developing. But it’s because I have the energy, then the people to be able to build my business.

I will being doing a live talk at Planet Organic in Port Credit on April 29th at 7pm click here for directions

Thank you everyone for all your help and guidance.

Love & Chi

Brandon Krieger H.L.C. level 2, C.M.T.A. ®, N.W.S.

Website: https://knssconsulting.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/Brandon_Krieger

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/knsssconsulting

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