To Fix or not to Fix that is the question

The cliche about you learn something new every day is so true. Working with people I keep learning different things. How to work with clients better, what works and what doesn’t.  This last week I connected with a client that had some challenges and I felt really bad for them. I felt this urge to help them and I started to take on their problem like it was my own. On Tuesday I spoke to Josh Rubin from East West healing about what I was going through and learned that if we are trying to fix someone issue it means I have some issues of  my own I need to fix.

Being a Holistic Practitioner one thing I have been taught and try to do is practice what I breach. Everything I do with my clients I have tried first with myself.

Speaking with Josh he reminded me that our job is to educate people and not fix people or take their situation on personally because it’s their journey.  My job is to educate people how to overcome challenges and achieve success Personally, Professionally and Spiritually.

We all go through different life challenges be it a loss of a loved one, divorce, beak-up, challenges as of relationships, loss of jobs…etc what ever you are going through there is always a lesson to be learned. Sometimes we are deep in the challenge so we can see it while it’s going on but trust me when everything is done there was a lesson to be learned.  When I went through my divorce I learned the hard way that I was not treating women with the respect they deserve. It helped me learn that I needed to change and I learn where I had to develop as a person.

With what ever challenge you are going through right now see if you can take sometime to disconnect from it and see what lesson there’s to be learned.  Take sometime for yourself in the morning to start your day, workout, read, what ever makes you feel good. Then at night disconnect from everything, read a relaxing book, meditation, write a journal to release all the challenges you have dealt with through the day. This will help you balance out from today’s hectic lifestyle.

Love & Chi

Brandon Krieger H.L.C. level 2, C.M.T.A. ®, N.W.S.




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  1. Sandy Wilson Martin

    Brandon, thanks for inviting me to join this group! I can see already I’m going to benefit from reading your posts. Thanks for sharing your personal story.


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