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It’s 6am in the morning and I have had a busy day yesterday.  Some of the challenges of yesterday I just can’t get off my mind because people I see are going through such challenges.  I feel bad from them but I know for most of them it’s their journey to learn from. The hard part of it is I know most of what they are going through is an illusion just like the Movie The Matrix.

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We all think what is happening around us is “The Truth” but in reality it isn’t. I am sure most of you are going WHAT! this guys is crazy, let me explain.

Each day we wake up our mind start to work and then this internal voice start to  convince us how our day is, are we still, tired…etc Is it going to be a good day or bad day. As we go through the day this internal voice tells us all sorts of stories.  Someone is mad at us, this person sucks and worse it starts attacking us saying stuff like, you are not good enough, you don’t have time to do blah blah blah.  Some of us have an understanding of it and call this voice in the back of our head, the negative ego, demonic…etc whatever you may call it, it is not The Truth, it is just an illusion of it.

I’m going to refer to the voice as the “Negative Ego” just so we understand each other.

When working with people all over the world I can hear this negative ego tell people stories when they articulate their challenges and the reasons why they can’t do something.  My negative ego overtime has decided to take steroids and bulk up because when I was younger it was able to get into my head and control me. For example when I got married my negative go told me I could do it, I shouldn’t listen to people around me that I shouldn’t rush in, I shouldn’t get married so soon. Take your time, get to know each other…etc Nope my negative ego told me I was  man and these people had no clue what they were talking about. Thanks Negative ego for all your help, 2 years later I got a divorce and had years of going in and out of court.  Which if I would have been present and not listen to the negative ego that I was ready and I could support a family at 20 years old. Knowing what I know now I would have never gone through that, I would have taken my time, I would have made sure I had a good job vs. working 3 to make ends meet.  Don’t get me wrong, good things have come from it, my son, better understanding of relationships…etc But I am sure I could have learned in an easier and cheaper way.

In the past 5 years I have learned about the Negative ego and developed an understanding that I know when it decides to chime in to see if it can’t steer me in the wrong direction. I can catch it about 95% of the time and be able to stop its attack. Don’t get me wrong it is constant work to be on the ball because the Negative ego is like a ninja in the night. This reminds me of a quote from another Keanu Reeves movie “The Devil’s Advocate” was “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.” Welcome the Negative Ego!

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It’s goal is to steer you off track, almost like a puppet and it’s puppeteer pulling the strings. The Negative ego wants to make you jump when it says jump, to stop when it wants you too and to hold you back from what I consider is the reason why we are here.  Which if you can really live this simple concept your life as you know it will change. Here it is, the reason why I feel we are here is this

1) Bring Joy to yourself

2) Bring Joy to others

When I talk about Joy this is not superficial joy of a car, house, rings…etc this is true joy which makes you happy, which makes you feel valued. If you can do this for you first and fill your cup up so you are overflowing with joy. Then you can bring joy to the people around you. Help them bring Joy to themselves so they can bring Joy to others. Think of this as an MLM style business we are all so familiar in.  But there is no opt in, you don’t have to purchase any product. You get to try the product for free as much as you want. Then go and tell your family, friends, potential business partners who you know who would benefit from this. Does this sound similar lol I have been in a few MLM’s so I know the lingo 🙂 .

I use this reference for 2 reasons, one we all know it too well on both sides either we have been approached by someone asking us to join a MLM company or we have or are in a MLM company so we understand the reference.

The 2nd reason is because to show you how the negative ego spurs it’s evil little head.

How many of you are in MLM companies read that previous paragraph referencing to MLM type lingo and got upset. Felt I didn’t value them…etc Be honest trust me I was there at one point for many of my business opportunities.  When I was in an MLM company I would have commented on this very post not reading the rest. Trying to prove that this person didn’t know what they were talking about. Then I would try to set up a meeting because I knew they needed my product. I am sure we all know someone who has done this, I know I have… ME!

Welcome to the negative ego because “The Truth” is MLM’s to me is just like any business which I have high respect for and I do coach people how to be successful in MLM type business.  Some of my best friends are MLM’ers and a few are very successful which I have learned a lot from.  They have helped me in my 2 business’s, which is keeping me very busy hint hint any of you thinking to contact me about joining their business. I respect that you have a business and wish you all the best.

Lets get back to the point at hand, The Truth is what is present in front of you.

Now anyone of you seeing a Coach, therapist…etc please apologize to the person you are working with for me because I am going to save you a lot of money right here. I am going to give you a few tips to use when the negative ego rear’s its little head so you can stay on track. This way you can do the 2 fundamental things we talked about before, remember… Bring Joy to yourself and then Bring Joy to others.

If you read Byron’s Katie book “The Work” you will remember the 4 questions

1) Is it True?

2) Can you absolutely know that it’s True?

3) How do you react, what happens, when you believe that thought?

4) Who would you be without the thought?

What do you think is that thought she is talking about? If you guessed it, it’s the negative ego coming up. Byron Katie is just providing you an assessment tool to be able to catch that little ninja at work.  This is a tool that if you use it often you will be able to catch that little guy 95% of the time. Which will save you a lot of frustration, plain and sleepless nights.

Our lives are supposed to be abundant with joy in all area’s of life. If it isn’t abundant then you need to assess where there could be more joy in your life and how you can change to see the joy in those areas. Don’t get me wrong sometimes we are in the fog and need someone to show us the light, I have been there when I was going through my divorce I thought life as I knew it was going to end. I was never going to be successful and that I was going to be tied up in courts for the rest of my life. Guess what it has changed! It took a lot of work and some amazing people in my life but I was able to completely change from IT consultant to a Holistic Lifestyle Coach. To unhappy with life to being happy with everything I have and enjoying life. It is all possible, it just depends on you.

Now, It wouldn’t be easy because the negative ego wants you to fail, it doesn’t want you to succeed. It’s goal is to hold you back to make you sanitary that you still go on but you don’t have any drive. This is what I recommend you make sure when you decide to go through your changes do it with a support group and a team of people who truly understand this. This way you can overcome that negative ego and see success quickly.

I wish you all Love & Chi,

P.S. if anyone see’s the negative ego in a dark alleyway lovingly go kick it in the nuts for me and say that’s from Brandon! 🙂

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Love & Chi,

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