The Truth About Business

How many you are currently running your own business? Are you finding that business is more difficult then you expected? Is everyone under the Sun giving you their opinion on how you should run your own business?

I’m going to be completely honest with you as I always am, this gets worse as you become more successful. People trying to give you “Helpful Tips” when you don’t even ask for their opinion. Even simpler ” would you like my advice” would be nice.

This is where patience, compassion and having good core values plays a big part. When someone starts giving me advice I try to step back and be patient maybe there is a Golden nugget they might give me. Then I be compassionate thanking them for their advice and recommendation. Last but not least I keep my core values in place to keep me focused on my projects.

As long as you have these main business strategies in place and be analytical versus emotional about your business. You will see when things are not working and be able to change them immediately.

Here is what I recommend you have in place

1) Have a action oriented business plan in place that is very detailed

2) Systems in place to measure your results daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually…etc

3) Market research to see what the market wants

4) Feed back systems to see how you can improve

Now these are just 4 basic recommendation but if you have these in place as your core you will be able to build on top of these.

Remember business is not meant to be hard especially in this day and age with Social Marketing. It has never been easier to build a business and market it. As long as you have the right foundation in place, test to measurable results, be consistent and listen you will succeed.

Love & Chi,

Brandon Krieger HLC, ITIL, PPS

Social Technologies Coach, Twitter Doctor & Professional Speaker

For more information contact me at or visit us at


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