The Secret’s to Challenges

It’s 6:30am again and I’ve been thinking about the 2012 energy shift and the challenges people are facing before the New Paradigm Shift. Pretty heavy right?

In the last few months I’ve heard of people going through problems that would put people in psychiatric wards. It’s like everything that’s unresolved is all coming up at one time. For example if they had debt that they just put in the back of their mind and because they just couldn’t deal with it. Recently the creditors decided to call them on a daily basis if not hourly.  Plus that same person would have issues at work, sickness coming on and people who they thought were challenging in their lives now have escalated. Now they are just being terrible to them for no reason.

I’ve also seen a lot of people passing away over the last 6 months. Normally the rule has been of 3’s from what I have found, but recently it has been the rule of 8+.  I have a theory on that but it’s more metaphysical which I will go into later.

Do you feel the pressure happening? Do you feel something is going on that you just can’t explain but you know it’s something? I am going to explain my theory of what is happening on and what I recommend you do.

First I do believe there is a shift in energy going on. Let’s talk about the physical aspect first.  I am not the type of person to get headaches, but my head has been pounding for the last 2 nights. I know it has been Winter Solstice and there is a lot of energy around these days. I’ve been keeping myself well hydrated and treating myself nightly to deal with the pressure change. I don’t know how many of you are feeling something physical that you haven’t felt before which could be the shift in energy. If you are feeling just off, find someone to connect with, someone who understands Health and Energy Healing, that is trained to be able to help you. They will be able to help you figure out if it’s just the weather and you are coming down with something or do you need to work with someone.

I know there might be some Business people and/or Type A personalities reading this who really don’t believe in this. Please be patient and read below I will get to you guys soon. 

Next let’s talk about the mental aspect. These challenges that are coming up are taking a toll on people’s self-esteem and self worth. Having to deal with all the problems coming up like someone opened up Pandora’s box. I’ll be honest with you it is just that. All your past issues that you might not have dealt with are going to come up NOW! If you don’t believe me ask the people around you what they are dealing with and ask them if they feel it’s normal. I will tell you I have asked that very question time and time again. I get pretty close to the same answer; “This is Crazy”” Why is all this Shit Coming up Now?”“Did I piss God off” …etc.  Now this is just my opinion and I don’t want to offend anyone’s ego or beliefs which I know I will. So if this statement frustrates you Please Don’t E-mail me your frustrations I have enough work to do to help people.  Here it is… This has Nothing to do with a GOD the man in the sky, this is all our garbage we have not dealt with. All coming up at once for us to deal with RIGHT NOW!

This might be a harsh comment but think about the Movie “The Secret”. They talked about the universe will only give you want you can deal with, what you concentrate on will come about. If you think about the bills more bills will come. If you focus on abundance more abundance will come. Well that same universe is getting us ready for a New Paradigm but the only way we can be ready is to not bring our baggage with us. That is why all of it is coming up at once for a lot of people. Trust me I am no different my “SHIT” has been coming up as well. I am no different than any of you that are dealing with their past, except for one thing.

Here’s the secret to what is going on and that is why I have done the previous 2 posts about “The Journey” and “The Truth”. All of these “Challenges” that are coming up are things we need to face head on as best as we can. Now PLEASE do not do it alone, the goal of what I called the “Negative Ego” wants to divide and conquer. When you go and try to deal with a huge challenge on your own and get sucked into it. The “Negative Ego” has won and will start to try to keep you down as best as it can. It will make you feel depressed, tell you stories how you can’t do it, how you are not good enough, how this is all your fault, blah blah blah bullshit!  This is why when it comes to the easy stuff get it resolved and get closure as quickly as possible. When it comes to the bigger issues start connecting with family, friends, support groups, professionals… PEOPLE! Make sure you connect with the right people though, if you find the people you are connecting with are going through “The Shit” as well and are not dealing well with it, don’t jump into their quicksand with them. It just means both of you will sink quicker. Go to people who are having fun, who are grounded, people who know exactly what I’m talking about and are dealing with it. This way you can work with them to get out of your challenges quicker. Then you can work on those main principles of life I discussed in “The Truth” remember? Bring Joy to yourself, then Bring Joy to Others”.

Ok Business People I have not forgot about you :-). When it comes to all these changes going on You and Your business are really one. You are the energy of your business and if you are going through challenges your business will take on those problems. Then you will see flux in profits, staff, clients…etc. That’s why it is important to be grounded and clear personally. Then work on the professional aspect of those problems because as an entrepreneur and/or business owner you are like the Life Coach of your business. You might not be going through challenges but it doesn’t mean your staff, business partners…etc are not. Take a look at the people who you work with, do you feel they are going through challenges, not appear. The reason I say not appear because remember the analogy of the duck in water, on the surface the duck looks like it’s just swimming along nice and calm. But underneath their feet are going a mile a minute. The people you work with might be doing the exact same thing. They might be going through what appears to be their normal day but underneath it is a tornado brewing.  Take the steps to help yourself first and then start helping the people around you. Kind of like that phrase before Bring Joy to yourself, then Bring Joy to Others”. 😉 

I mentioned I would talk about people passing away recently more than normal. Now my theory on this and this is just my personal theory. Is that we all have a soul which we have written a contract for what we want to work towards. As well what we would like to experience. Some peoples contracts are up and they are done their work so they are passing on. Some people’s souls don’t want to come into this time so they leave very quickly. I know this is a hard theory to take in and please I am not saying you have to believe it yourself.  This is just my theory on why so many people are passing away in our lives.

If you have had a loss of someone in your life recently I am deeply sorry for your loss. My belief  is that they are still with us energetically and most of them are here to help us with the work that we need to do.

If you have any questions or need of help please do not contact me… Joking 🙂

For sure contact me and I will do my best to help you as much as I can or refer you to someone in your local area that could.

Big Hug to everyone and make sure you deal with your “Shit”, I know I am 🙂

Love & Chi,



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