The Secret to Overcoming Your Challenges Workshop

Special Guest Instructor

David Cohen

I spoke to David Cohen and he is going to come out on March 24th as a Guest Instructor.  Make sure you don’t miss out David and I are going to provide some amazing insight for 2012 which will help you overcome your challenges.


I wrote a post a few weeks back called “The Secrets to Challenges” where I discussed the negative ego and how to overcome it.

Since that article was published I’ve had numerous people ask me for help with their challenges. This ranges from having problems with their significant other, problems with business growth, not getting the results from Social Media Marketing, to people just feeling depressed and they don’t know why.  All of this made me wonder are there more people going through these types of challenges out there? Are these same people looking for solutions to their challenges but are being overtaken by whatever is going on in their lives.  Or is it even worse; are they going through something and/or things but don’t have the tools to deal with it, they are feeling frustrated, getting upset, even mad at the people around them but feel everything is ok and just saying to themselves “This is just Life”.  Look around you and tell me if you know someone that fits this description.

I’m the Clinical Director and Holistic Lifestyle Coach at Ultimate Sports Therapy working with people with these challenges and more on a daily bases. I work with people to help them overcome these challenges and more in their lives, some of which include;

  •  Challenges with work, career and/or business
  •  Health issues sickness, fatigue, very low energy, inability to heal from an injury
  •  Past relationships coming back in their lives and not in a good way
  •  Financial stress, debit, insufficient income despite hard work
  •  A feeling of despair and a tendency to give up on what feels like a hopeless situation

These are just some of the examples of challenges I have been helping people to overcome.  Here are some of the tools I have given people to get to the root of the problem, understand it, and then take action towards success by facing that challenge head on. then give them action items to see success and deal with that challenge head on. These tools will provide control and empowerment when fully implemented.

We will be covering:

  • What is happening in 2012
  • Why are so many people going through challenges right now
  • How to discern where these challenge’s are coming from
  • The Truth about the Negative Ego
  • Where the Negative Ego comes from
  • Ways to deal with the Negative Ego Head on
  • Work on your personal challenges right in the workshop
  • Then learn how to turn around and achieve success quickly
  • And much more….

I am going to provide a 1 day workshop for people called “The Secrets to Overcoming Your Challenges”. This is going to be a trial workshop because I know so many people are dealing with personal challenges from different areas of their lives. The workshop will for people to personally learn about their challenges, address them head on and then I will give you tools that you can immediately start taking action.

I am also offering at this workshop called another business focused full day session called “The Truth About Business” in which I will be showing people in the workshop the New Paradigm of business, why people are having in their business and/or work, how you can use the tools I will be teaching to identify nature of those challenges, address them head on, then grow your business and community using the “Abundance Model”.

I truly believe that you have to deal with what I call the “I, We and All of your life”.  I am offering “The Secret to Overcoming Your Challenges” workshop first so that, we can take the necessary time to deal with your personal challenges that we discover in the workshop first. Then in the next workshop “The Truth About Business” we will work on the “We” relationships of your community, people around you and your business/career.

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Love & Chi,

Brandon Krieger 

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