The Confusion about 2012…

Good morning everyone,

Every morning I wake up with a download of information, ideas are flowing of what I need to write. I believe I know where it’s coming from and feel I need to keep on this journey of articulating what I’m receiving.

Today it was about 2012 and the confusion that is going on with what is really going to happen.

I’m sure there are different levels of people who are reading my posts and I am going to try to address each of them.  I have never laid it out like this before but I am going to do it this way because I feel this will help anyone reading this receive a benefit.

First for the non-believers who think 2012 is just going to be another year and we are going to wake up to go to work. Nothing is going to change and this is all a bunch of Bull Shit! You know what, my analytical mind is with you. I have so many doubts about what is being written, posted, streamed, verbally diarrheaed out that I am having my doubts as well.  If you’re the analytical type, has been at least watching the news and our strange weather patterns. You know something has been changing, could be “Global Warming” or just the planet is shifting…. etc. Whatever that may be I would say be prepared.  Which is the name of the section I have included at the bottom of this post. If you don’t subscribe to all the metaphysical crap, I would recommend just scroll down and get as much as you can on that list. Because say we do have bad weather, the power goes out, at least you are prepared for a bit. Best case scenario is that I am completely wrong and you have some extra canned food to donate to charity for people who need it. Or even better a good camping trip all ready for you to go.  Scroll down now or if you want to learn more read on.

When it comes to the metaphysical information being distributed in the world. There is so much different information about dates, predictions on what is happening and/or what is going to happen. The Mayan Calendar keeps being thrown into the mix. The Apocalypse prophecy of the end of days which if you read it, appears we are heading that way. I am not saying if we are or are not in the end of days, I am not a scientist, a prophet, a psychic… etc. I am just a guy who is seeing a lot of information being articulated with a positive spin but no one is really getting people prepared.

I do agree there is a new energy coming in, things are changing. I cannot deny this simple fact especially with the number of people I connect with on a daily basis. People are feeling it and seeing it at all  different levels. Business people are seeing their business’s changing, their clients are different. The average Jane and John Doe are seeing the change too in their own way. As well the healers, energy workers, light workers… etc, are not just seeing it, they are feeling these changes as well. Some of them who have a higher connection are receiving messages about what is happening and coming to a higher understanding.

Now this is VERY IMPORTANT for my brothers and sisters who are connected like this. Weigh the information you receive, make sure that the information is coming from a higher source then discuss it with others. The reason why I say this and the point of this article is this.  We Holistic people know that change of any kind is hard.  Be it losing weight which we all know you have to change your eating habits and work really hard in a consistent manner over a long period of time.  So you can achieve your goal, hence why it is called “Working out”. Or if you are working on your gifts, you just don’t wake up and bang there they are, then don’t have to do anything to keep them. No you have to consistently work with what you have and be grateful. If you stop, miss a few days, weeks…etc. Then you know you start to lose your gifts. We all know this is true, it takes a lot of dedication and hard work.

The reason why I say this is because the change that is coming up is no different. I have seen/read a lot of light workers, energy workers say amazing positive uplifting things. I have never seen them talk about the Yin to the Yang they are expressing. We all know life is a balancing act of consistent action of 2 different forces. Why are we ignoring this fact and not getting prepared? Or  at least having the conversation.

I will use the analogy of a personal trainer because I’m sure we can all appreciate it.  It’s like you wanting to lose 15lbs and going to see a Personal training for a consult. They tell you they are so excited to meet you, you are such an amazing person with a great goal. They are going to help you lose the 15lbs with no effort at all. All you have to do is think positive, feel good about yourself and come see them a minimum of 2 x per week. Pretty easy right? You think this is awesome and you sign up with them ready to lose those 15lbs. You feel great because you are taking action and excited to come to your first session.  Day one comes and you get up early in the morning because you are so excited, you remember the trainer told you to think positive and feel good about yourself.  You do this all the way to the session.  When you get there the trainer starts to warm you up, tells you about the work out about dynamically warming up, the intense workout you are going to do and you will need to do this for minimum of 30min increasing to 60min sessions each time you are with them.  You go through the workout, start breaking a sweat, your muscles start to hurt ( of course in a good way all you trainers out there) and you are exhausted. You think wow that was hard work, I am tried, exhausted and need a nap.  Now the trainer comes over and tells you now you have to eat a certain way, change all your nutrition, throw out the food you have in your place and go shopping for the new food. The only way you are going to get results is doing exactly what they say.  You think hold on, when I first met the trainer all they said was think positive and feel good about myself. This is all I would need to do to lose weight. But now I have to work out really hard, feel tired, sore, change my entire eating habits, all while thinking positive and feel good about myself. WHAT! That’s a lot of hard work to see change, I thought it would be just positive thinking.

Now that is a basic analogy of what I am hearing about the positive comments. People are saying be connecting to higher self, the light, think positive thoughts, have positive mantras, love the people around you and the earth…etc. This is all good to have that, but there is also the “Hard Work” that needs to be done. Because just like that personal trainer analogy I put you in, if you wanted to lose weight you had to work really hard and make changes.  This is no different in the world we are coming into which if you thought changing your eating habits were hard. Think about changing people’s beliefs on what their purpose is in life. Changing the world economics and how the haves think about money.  Changing how we live our lives each and every day as well how we treat each other. If you don’t think there is going to be hard work and even some resistance you are mistaken.  You can think those positive thoughts and think good about yourself but you are not going to see results. It takes a lot of hard work and having to make huge changes that you might not want to make.

When you look at the people around you do you think they will want to give up their beliefs without a fight? Do you think that if you told them that life is not about self gratitude of making money to survive, but to make money to share and help other people? Do you think they would listen? Do you think the Governments, Big Businesses; Pharmaceutical companies want us to have free will and the choice to make our own decisions? Watch these Movie’s “Thrive” and “Zeitgeist”  to understand the control that some of these systems have on us.  As well to see when I am talking about resistance it might not just be from ourselves but from these other daily influences.  Now I am not saying business is bad I am just saying when there comes change the ones that don’t want us to change will resist. Just like telling a tired 2 year old they have to go to bed and them throwing a temper tantrum. This is no different for the people who don’t want to change.

My entire point to this is be prepared for all the changes weather, economics, people, personal, professional…etc. Make sure you are really connecting with people who are not just telling you all the warm and fuzzy feelings but are also making sure you are ready when there is some resistance to change and what to do.

I believe one of the things we should be preparing for is changes in weather which could cause power outages, no matter where you live. I will be talking about other changes in the New Year as well. If I receive more feedback I will do talks/seminars to help as well, but you have to let me know by commenting below.

Be prepared 

1) Have at least a month’s supply of food in your home to feed your entire family. Yes all you holistic, organic food eating people I am fighting this one as well. I am looking at ways to do what my Grandmother did to preserve certain foods to last longer.

2) 1 to 2 months of drinking water stored up.

3) Warm thermal clothes that will protect you from the cold. Winter hats, boots, gloves, thermal socks, sweaters, long johns…etc Make sure these clothes are truly warm not the latest fashion trend by Tommy Hilfiger. No offence but this is to keep you warm and protect you. Not for you to look good

4) Sleeping bag(s) to keep warm at night

5) An all purpose knife and hunting knife

6) Water proof matches – Pick these up at your local camping store.

7) Candles or Kerosene lamp

8) Emergency plan for family/friends to meet at a designated place if you weren’t together if something was to happen.

9) Update your first aid certifications, good to have just in case.

10) A Nap sack(s) to be able to carry the essentials if you need to.

A book I have picked up is “The Survival Handbook by Peter Darman”.  Which I have thrown in my Emergency nap sack, just in case.

I will be honest with you guys I was fighting this and truly thinking this is all bull shit. But I have seen people going through some hardships, the environment changing, our economy taking a hit and our weather patterns changing.  Which has made me realize I would rather have all this in my place and not having to use any of it vs. the Shit hits the fan and I am struggling to find what I need to keep me comfortable until things pass?

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Love & Chi,

Brandon Krieger


  1. nids

    Interesting post and very apt i must say.. thanks for sharing your thoughts. losing weight analogy speaks to me at so many levels. i have the positive thinking in place, now need to make sure i follow it up with the action.

  2. Dorian Aspen

    I genuinely enjoy studying on this web site, it has great posts. “And all the winds go sighing, For sweet things dying.” by Christina Georgina Rossetti.


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