Starting Over Again

WOW it has been a rough week for me, everything in my life has been flipped upside down, work, relationships and finances.

Starting over is never easy to do this will be my second time in life where I’ve had to rebuild from scratch.

I want to give you a little history first, most of you don’t know but I dropped out of High School to work full-time. I wasn’t seeing any benefits from school at the time and decided I wanted to start making money. I first started working at McDonald’s full-time and then progressed into working at warehouses doing general labour jobs. I progressed into a manager’s position at a warehouse thanks to a friend of mine and after a few years decided I wanted to work in security as a Security Guard, not IT Security just to clarify. It was a great job and lots of perks but I got married to soon, did it for all the wrong reasons and with in 2 years we were in the process of getting divorced. Through this process I decided I wanted more so I went back to school to become a Network Specialist working in IT. I stayed with that career until my back injury learned an abundant knowledge about Health and Wellness. I decided to become a Holistic Lifestyle Coach and coach people on how to have better wellness Personally, Professionally and Spiritually. From there because of the recession and what people were looking how to use the Social networks I decided to coach people on Social Technologies.

Now you have an idea how I progressed and FYI I did go back and get my High school diploma and I graduated from triOS College to continue my formal education. I don’t stop learning each and every day 🙂

We come to the present day which it has happened again, not the married part but my life being flipped up side down again as I mentioned above. Now this is no ones fault and I am not here to point fingers. It is just a hard time for everyone and this is how the situation is affected me.

Since my revenue stream has been taken away, my Social Technologies coaching business has been slow which I think it’s because of the recession among other things.  I have had to look at what I needed to do to bring in revenue because I have to pay the bills.  Trust me it is hard for anyone to have to step back from what you are doing, but to step back to the start by working temp jobs is hard. I had to really fight against my ego and leave it at the door and I know I have to do what it takes, no matter what it is. While going through my first start over I worked as a bouncer as I went through school so I understand the importance of not giving up and doing what it takes.

For now I have decided working with a temp agency would be the direction I will go right now while I work on meetings, interviews and negotiating contracts.

I’m always honest with you guys and hold nothing back… I will tell you it was hard to walk up to the warehouse door this morning at 8am and tell the warehouse manager I was there for work. I am a public speaker, martial artists, and removed huge guys from bars without a second thought. I was pretty nervous and uncomfortable to walk in there to start work, but I put that all aside and went in.

The work I had to do today was general labour clean up; here is a picture below of the main area prior to cleaning it  

What you kind of see in front of the broom is raised cement which my job today was to level out the floor.  Using a hammer drill and there were 4 rows of this type of cement raised.  I had to clean everything up, break down the cement and then clean up again.

Before I got started I was able to meet some of the guys who worked at this job and wow it was a humbling experience. Asking a question as simple as “How long have you guys all worked here” created a conversation which I felt in AHH! over. There where engineers, medical professionals…etc. that we’re all working at this warehouse for 15 years+ for one reason or another. In my head I was thinking WOW the dedication these guys have and loyalty to work this long with a company with their expertise.  They were all amazing guys and so helpful, just easy going and loved what they did. Who am I to come in and complain about the challenges I am going through.

Now back to work, I brought my iPhone which has Tony Robbins Personal Power II series on it. I was able to listen too my MP3’s while I was working, this was another humbling experience.  Listening to 7 hours of Tony Robbins really broke down my life, what my challenges are and how I relate to them. It is easier to look at other peoples challenges and see what is going on vs. looking at your own especially when you are in the heat of everything. Thanks to my Grandmother she taught me to keep pushing to never give up, to be open to help and listen. Which I listened to every word that Tony Robbins had to say and Wow. Realizing I’m not in the life I want, not living with passion and letting my F.E.A.R.’s get the best of me really opened my eyes.

Tony says over and over again

  • you have to really feel the pain of where you are because we move towards pleasure and away from pain.
  • Then you have to want to change.
  • Have an emotional investment.
  • Then decide.
  • Then consistent actions and learning by doing.

At the start of this morning I was thinking; am I going to make it? How am I going to pay my bills? Do I still want to be a Coach?

After meeting those great guys today, listening to Tony Robbins I realized everything that has happened is just the past and what I have learned from this is:

1) I’m not financially independent like I have been in my past, which is my responsibility.

2) I was reliant on someone else

3) I didn’t really think of what I needed for myself and take responsibility of making it happen

4) I’m not happy!

I really connected to what has happened and realized this change is actually very good for me, it’s like a fresh start but I have a lot of work ahead of me.

I need to build up some revenue first and for most, to be able to take care of my expenses and having fun while doing it. Then I am going to keep doing what I love which is Coaching people. Tony Robbins stated in his audio’s we are no different from him. He just understands what he has to do, then does it.  Which reminds me of the book “Think and Grow Rich” where you read the stories of hardships and how these amazing people went through such challenges but they never gave up. They understood their dream, kept with it no matter what anyone said and achieved it.

My dream is to be a Social Technologies coach combined with my Holistic Lifestyle Coaching background and teach, present, consult to people my Keeping Network & Success Simple principals.  This has never changed and is the legacy I would like to leave behind.

That’s why my goal is this

1) Work contracts with Entrepreneurs and Businesses, consulting on Social Marketing and Social Technologies.

2) Build up my financial stability again

3) Start working with the people I am in business with to help grow our businesses through  Social Marketing, Professional Speaking and Social Technologies Coaching.

P.S. if you have read my previous blog posts you will know I always like working with people to help everyone grow vs. doing it on my own. That is why I am looking for people/businesses to partner up with.

Have you ever had to start over again?

Are you going through a transition this year?

Are you living your dream right now?

I would love to hear your feed back.

Love & Chi,

Brandon Krieger

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