Spiritual Answers to Inspire Your Life!

The Panel Live: Spiritual Answers to Inspire Your Life!

The Panel Live brings us four articulate and knowledgeable guests, who along with Dave Clark, will inspire us and help us to understand how spirituality can provide practical answers to some of today’s most perplexing questions.

For example- questions that may come up:

  • How can spiritual learning help to resolve conflicts; past and present?
  • Why do spiritual people often have trouble around money?
  • How can we create personal change that will really last?
  • How do we apply spirituality to everyday life and our working life?
  • How do we stay connected to source and live a meaningful life?

The Panel Includes:

Marlene George, an author, speaker and holistic healer, began her work in the alternative health field in 1987. Certified in Therapeutic Touch, a Reiki Master, and Craniosacral Therapy, Marlene includes personal consultations in transformational forms of therapy in her wellness practice. Marlene’s approach integrates emotional, physical, energetic, and psychological strategies. For Marlene’s international individual clientele and her online, teleclass, radio and television audiences, wellness within translates to daily satisfaction and long term success. http://www.marlenegeorge.com/

Donald Currie works with individuals who want to move into the life of their dreams. He has worked for 10 years as a NGH Certified Master Hypnotist, NLP practitioner, Reiki Master, Life Between Lives facilitator, Metaphysical practitioner and a Past Life Regression facilitator. Donald has been featured on CBC, Global, Mike Bullard Show, That Channel and Hello Magazine. He is a musician and creates music for relaxation and healing as well as hypnosis and meditation audio programs. Donald believes everyone has the ability to make quantum shifts in their thinking and likes to empower others to find their answers and co-create the changes they desire. http://www.donaldcurrie.com/

Annette Nolan, in the truest, deepest part of her being, is an explorer, always looking to uncover the deeper Truth which lies within all of us. Annette has studied and continues to study many different modalities. This enables her to look at issues from different points and access the most appropriate course for resolution, for herself as well as in her practice. Annette owns a wellness center in King City, Ontario. “It’s All About You” was created to reflect Annette’s passion for helping people. In addition, Annette is an accredited Journey Practitioner and certified Visionary Leadership Coach for “The Journey.” http://www.itsallaboutyou.ca/

Brandon Krieger is a Toronto Social Media Marketing Consultant, Business Coach and Holistic Lifestyle Coach. He provides his clients with systems to properly brand, research and build a massive active community using social media marketing. Brandon teaches his clients how to properly educate their new communities about the importance of their products and services through their social networks. He also shows them how to build joint venture partnerships that grow each business organically in what he calls “Community Growth”. His success is largely due to how fast he was able to grow his Twitter community and build relationships on his social networks using effective social media marketing. https://knssconsulting.com

Dave Clark (Moderator) is the founder and President of Soulutions Inc, an advertising and publishing agency specializing in marketing communications and branding. He is currently launching a new venture in broadcasting called “Want to make a change” to help people cope with the personal challenges thatarise in our rapidly changing world. Dave has been an avid student of the “new thinking” supporting personal spirituality for over 30 years. http://wanttomakeachange.com/

Steve Flemming (Host) is the founder of The Soul City Social Club. He produces weekly events on subjects involving Spirituality, Relationships, Personal Growth & Entrepreneurship. Steve is also an Open Space Technology Facilitator and Inspirational Speaker assisting us to Live Our Dreams one day at a time. http://www.soulcitysocial.com

Friendly Reminders: 

-Cost is $10 Please Pay at http://www.meetup.com/SoulCity
-Arrive at 6:30 for dinner/appetizers, mix & mingling (Optional)
-Arrive between 7:00 & 7:20 to get settled in- The Panel Live (Starts at 7:30)

(One beverage minimum upon arrival to support staffing & venue)

Free parking in front, behind, side of building, on street and at plaza across the street

2 minute walk from Glencairn Subway station

*Website, Dinner Menu & Location for Chalkers: http://www.chalkerspub.com

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