Social Technologies Coach – What Brings You Joy?

Working with people worldwide and having my ear to the ground it’s sad to see that with our economy changing that people are not changing with it. When I ask the people I coach “What Brings You Joy”  I get a sorts of answers but when it comes to what they do 30, 40 even 60 hours a week. They hate it, you guessed it, work!  There are some key areas in life that we spend majority of our time and one is work. Then we have relationships with people, significant others, family…etc, exercise, studying if your growing mentally and last but not least entertainment.

Most people can tell me what brings them joy in the entertainment but in those other areas especially over the last few years there are so many people who are just unhappy.  Hopefully you’re not feeling that way and you have been able to get out of what I call the rat race or matrix. But if not there are some things I want you to know.

First lets define Joy vs happiness , Happiness is something that you purchase or possess that can be taken away from you. Joy is yours and yours only that no matter what happens if you have all your clothes taken from you, your house gets burned down…etc you still have Joy.  Plus with Joy if you do it right, you give Joy to the people around you as well which brings you more joy.

To hit this home let me give you an example, happiness for me is getting tech products, iPad, iPhone, clothes…etc  but want brings me happiness knowing I can help people, that I have the knowledge and ability to help people I come in contact with. Now doing get me wrong if everyone on earth was gone and I was the last man standing. I still know that I have that ability and I can coach the most important client I have ever had “ME”. So no matter what happens nothing can take that away. That is just one example of what brings me joy.

Take a look at what is going on in your life, how is your work. Oh, this is very important!!! If your job does not bring you Joy I am not saying quiet right now, but work towards building a career/business that does bring you Joy and the people around you.

I write this article because I see so many people searching for Joy, trying to make happiness instead from monetary growth and just wearing themselves out mentally, emotionally and physically.  This new age of business and marketing is not about how much money you can make. It’s about bring Joy to yourself and the people around you when you really get that life as you know it will change. Trust me I live my Joy each and every day and I am so grateful for the people I have had the chance to connect with.

Thank you All

Love & Chi,

Brandon Krieger,
Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Reiki Practitioner & Professional Speaker

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