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Social Media - The skys the limit - KNSS Consulting

Do you ever wonder if using social media can truly help you be successful?

What if I told you “The Sky’s The Limit”?

When it comes to social media and all the new social sites coming out each day.  You have the opportunity to do whatever you want, yes I said it. Now I am not saying you are going to make millions. 

With the right plan and execution; setting realistic expectations of time, and connecting with the right people you can build a successful business. Yes there are people out there that blow it out of the water but the energy they put in is the energy they get back. So if you want to make $125,000 per year you better be ready to put the effort in and have the right expectations. 

To be successful you must know these 5 areas inside and out:

  1. You
  2. Your Market
  3. Your Marketing
  4. Your People
  5. Your Systems



Know yourself, before you start a business, a project or a campaign, you need to know yourself inside and out. The reason for this is you need to be patient, compassionate and be able to shift as you go, without getting emotionally stuck.

Your Market

When you’re thinking about doing your marketing, you first have to understand your market. You can start by drawing out an avatar of your ideal client and what their needs are. Then do the research on keywords and topics they would be searching for, to see if they are inline with what you thought. As well, see if there is as much demand as you thought there was? This will help you with creating your marketing plan.

Your Marketing

Once you feel comfortable with your initial research, then you can start planning out your marketing plan from what you have learned.  Things like: what social site does your ideal client use? What are they searching for? What questions do they have…etc?  From there you can create your marketing plan to make sure you become the person of influence they are looking for.

Your People

Make sure you are working with the right people. This is a 360 strategy because you have to work with the right team, suppliers and clients. You have to make sure you are always working with the right people. This way your energy is focused on growing your business versus being taken by business challenges, solving team issues and/or client issues.

Your Systems

Having the right systems in place is so important. It helps with efficiency, tracking, profit and loss, client tracking and so much more. Some of the tools to look into are project management solutions, CRM, marketing solutions, data library, content distribution, asset management, accounting software and much more. 


Building a business using social media comes down to a well thought out plan, proper execution, being dynamic, knowing yourself, being patient and have a resilient unstoppable drive to succeed.    


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