Rise With The Sunrise

It’s interesting, it is 11:30pm at night when I am writing this and I just received another message from the third person today telling me about the misfortune of other people.

Now please forgive me and give me some leeway with my writing and grammar it’s not always the best. Please take in the message vs. the technical writing.

I have the privilege of being connected with over 40,000+ people in my Social community which I am very grateful for. If you just sit and listen you can see that so many people are going through challenges, be it personal, mental, emotional, financial or all of the above. I am very compassionate to each persons situation, my concern is the people around them that are dealing with their own challenges but are getting involved with other peoples issues. Especially when these people don’t know the people who are going through these challenges personally. They are just connected with them through their Social online sites.

Lets give you a situation to show what I’m talking about, I have a friends lets call them John. John is going through a break up and financial challenge trying to grow his business. I received a message from John telling me about a person who is going through a personal challenge on their Facebook network. The e-mail John sent me was about the challenges someone else was going through and what does that mean for him, he were wondering what happened with this person he read about and how that personally effected him. The weird thing is that John doesn’t really know this other person he e-mailed me about but John is spending a lot of his own personal energy worrying about someone else they don’t even know.

My concern is this, with everything that is going on in the world today and all around us. We need to focus on our own energy first and take care of ourselves especially when we are personally dealing with our own challenges. If we start getting involved with other peoples challenges we will spend our energy that we don’t have and should be directing it towards are own personal issues.  Working on overcoming them and bringing joy into our own lives. Once you have resolved your issue then you can start helping the people around you but of course in moderation.

With everything in the media, challenges happening around us on a daily bases we need to be masters of our energy and what we focus on. That is why I chose the image I did and the phrase “Rise With The Sunrise”. We need to rise like the sun and over come the darkness whatever it maybe. The Sun focuses on it’s job to provide light, nourishment and help us see through the dark. The Sun doesn’t get off track because of the darkness it see’s, it doesn’t lose focus on what it has to do.  It just shines it’s light because it knows that no matter what is going on it stays on track.

Now you are probably asking ok that is all great but how is this relevant for me who is financially in debt, business is struggling, you are having struggles in your relationship…whatever the struggles you maybe going through. What you need to do is stay focused on what your dreams are, don’t let the struggles side track you, of course be sympathetic to the challenges you are going through but don’t get side track, focus on what you need to do. With all the changes that are happening around us we need be focused more than ever. With the news, social sites…etc we are seeing more and more negativity happening in the world and need to discern between what needs our energy and what we need to let go. Remember the more each of us are individually happy and living in joy the better this world will be.


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