Really? Are The Answers Right In front Us…

Interesting how at the exact time you need something it is right there for you.  I’m sure we all have heard this from someone at one point in our life. If you ask and listen you will receive the answer, or something along that line.

Yesterday I received a tongue lashing from someone I highly respect and consider a really good friend. I was pretty up set and asked a simple question “What the fuck!” Then a lot crap followed, my negative ego saw a huge opening and it had a field day with me for about 15 minutes until I thought I need to ask a better question.  Which was “What do I do now?” I looked up at my Facebook feed and saw this picture pop up. I was like really! Come on!

I personally know this is how the universe works, if you settle yourself, ask the right questions and listen the answers will appear.

I have been receiving amazing videos, content and just listening to motivational audios guiding me back to a better state.

Which brings me to today. I decided to treat myself like a coaching client that I would work with that basically is at their last straw and needs my help.

First I did a history of what was going on just so I had an understanding how bad it was.  If you understand where they have been you know how much they have learned as well if there are cycles they are going to repeat which might need to be changed.

My Answer– When I was most successful I was chasing my dream but then settled because I got into a relationship and lost that drive that nothing will stop me to be successful, that I would do anything to get to that next level; stay up until 3am in the morning when I had to work at 6am, read and study until my eyes hurt, talk to everyone and anyone about what I wanted to accomplish, go to interviews after interviews until I got a contract, then once I got that one worked there for a period of time I would work on a better contract and then a better one, then one I had was never good enough, I would work my ass of at my contract doing the best job I could, taking extra hours you name it.

My biggest challenge wasn’t the relationships it was me, I settled and didn’t realize it.

Second I asked myself about the present and how am I doing today.  To be compassionate with myself and understand that I might need to vent and deal with some things as well understand my true pain and frustration I am dealing with today.

My Answer– I’m feeling disappointment that I am in this situation again. Kind of confused of what to do and where to go. I know my skill set is this

  •  Warehousing
  •  Security
  • Customer Service
  • IT Work
  •  Social Marketing/ Social Technologies
  • Coaching People

The main ones I want to work towards is Social Technologies Coaching combined with Holistic Lifestyle Coaching.

Third what do I want to accomplish in the next 3 months and 6 months this way I can do some future planning and draw out an action plan on how to get there. Plus I can ask the right questions so that I can open myself up to receive information, assistance if need be and have a clear direction to where I need to go.

My Answer –  What I would like to accomplish is get back on my feet in the next 30 days financially and start growing my coaching clients and professional speaking again. In the next 3 months back to coaching full time and building my business. 6 months I will be in demand because I provide great service, results and people love working with me.

How I am going to do this?

My Answer – Since I have more time on my hands here is my action plan

1) Get a J.O.B. to cover my cost for at least the next 6 months this way I don’t have to worry about finances

2) Market Research – find out what people need help with. See if there is something I can provide a solution for that challenge either by one on one coaching, e-book, seminar, talk, webinar…etc How can I provide help to them.

3) Provide Education- writing articles, doing video’s, seminars…etc this has several benefits which are

  • I get things off my chest and stop holding them in, very therapeutic
  • I’m able to brain storm my ideas and be held accountable because I’m doing a public journal that anyone can read.
  • People I might have the opportunity to work with will see what I can do and realize what type of person I am. That I am honest, hard working, don’t give up and will stay true to my word. “My word is my bond”
  • Help people who might be going through the same situation and don’t know what to do

4) Schedule – Daily blogging and possibly bi weekly video’s depending on content and time.

5) Making a list of companies I want to work with and finding ways of connecting with them that are not through their normal channels. I have a few ideas but one challenge which I’m putting out there to the universe is, in the next 30 days I will personally own a

MAC Book PRo 15inch with

i7 Quad processor 2.5GHz

8Gb 1333 MHz DDR3 SDRAM

750GB Serial ATA Drive @ 7200 rpm

Apple Care protection plan

1 year One to One membership

With the newest version of Camtasia Studio

Benefit— I will be so excited to be able to record my video’s, interview, edit them and post them in 1/3 of the time. Skype calls, Google+ hangouts…etc. It takes me a few hours on my amazing Dell XP and some things that it’s just too slow to do.

Don’t be scared to ask for what you want, you never know how things will manifest, but you have to be willing to put yourself out there at all costs.

That is my rough draft of my action plan and I have a morning meeting with myself each morning until I achieve success.

Are you going through a hard time right now? Have you been your own coach and asked yourself these questions?

I would love to hear your responses.

Love & Chi
Brandon Krieger


  1. Sarah Zeldman

    Hi Brandon,

    I look forward to following your journey and supporting you however I can. One question — do you really need all that new tech? Don’t let it stop you….

    • Brandon Krieger

      Thank you Sarah I really appreciate all your support.

      When it comes to the MAC Book Pro, it would be my main video/ work computer when it comes to editing, video…etc my content. Also it would give me room to grow with software always changing and requiring more resources.

      Love & Chi
      Brandon Krieger

  2. Sarah Zeldman

    It will come…


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