October 28th KNSS Live with Cindy Ashton expert in Powerful and Impactful Speech

I met Cindy Ashton a few years ago at a Meetup group in Toronto. At the meetup she showed off her amazing singing voice; one of her many great talents. Since then I have seen her grow her business and her online presence in a short period of time.  She is extremely entertaining and an inspiration for so many people. If you want to be an influential speaker, put this date in your calendar: October 28th from 6pm to 7pm EDT to come to www.knssconsulting.com/live. I will be on-air interviewing Cindy Ashton on KNSS Live Hangout.

Here is a little bit about her:

Cindy Ashton is a speaker, singer/entertainer, speaker coach and the author of Kiss Your Monsters Goodbye. She has received President Obama’s “Call to Service” award and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for her outstanding volunteerism. As a speaker coach, Cindy draws from her performing background to take her clients’ presentation skills to the next level with energy, focus and interactive skills that are usually only reserved for entertainers. With her background as a two-time nationally published, educational consultant she is also the master at drawing out relevant content from her speakers and helping them shape it into a powerful and impactful speech.

We will be covering:

1. Why is it a good idea for entrepreneurs, authors and coaches to speak as part of their marketing strategy?

2. Why are most entrepreneurs struggling to attract clients?

3. Since the industry is oversaturated with speakers as well as entrepreneurs, coaches & authors who speak, what steps would you need to take to stand out from the crowd?

4. Many people want to speak but struggle with the subject. How do you get people to discover their message?

5. How should you deal with stage fright; mentally, emotionally, and physically?

Make sure you put October 28th, 2013 from 6pm to 7pm EDT in your calendar to come to www.knssconsulting.com/live to watch, participate and learn from this interactive interview.

Speak to you then.


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