October 21st KNSS Live with Taylor Tagg expert in Emotional Intelligence, Overcoming Adversity, and Forgiveness

I’m excited to interview Taylor Tagg; an expert in emotional intelligence, overcoming adversity and forgiveness. I have done some research on Taylor, and his work is so interesting that I’m excited to have him on my show. If you feel something is holding you back, if you’re not happy in life or you’re just not achieving personal or professional success, you don’t want to miss this live interview. Put this date in your calendar right now: October 21st from 6pm to 7pm EDT to come to www.knssconsulting.com/live. I will be interviewing Taylor Tagg on-air about emotional intelligence, overcoming adversity, and forgiveness.on KNSS Live Hangout.

Here is a little bit about him:

Taylor Tagg worked for twenty years in Corporate America in senior finance and accounting roles at AutoZone, ServiceMaster, and FedEx before making a big transition.

He is now a trainer, instructor, author, speaker, and radio and TV host specializing in emotional intelligence, overcoming adversity, and forgiveness. Taylor is a Forgiveness Coach,  certified by the Midwest Institute for Forgiveness Training and a Certified Napoleon Hill Foundation Leadership Instructor.

Taylor has authored two motivational books, the first titled Enrich Your Sunrise and the second called The Path to a Peaceful Heart.  Taylor also co-hosts a BlogTalkRadio show called Journey to Success, and hosts an internet TV program called Forgiveness Moments.

We will be covering:

1. What is emotional intelligence and why should I care?

2. What are three tips to help me become more emotional intelligent at work?

3. What is forgiveness and how can it help me in business?

4. What are some of the benefits to forgiving?

5. How do you forgive and move on quickly in the business environment?

Make sure you put October 21st, 2013 from 6pm to 7pm EDT in your calendar to come to www.knssconsulting.com/live to watch, participate and learn from this interactive interview.

Speak to you then.


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