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Good evening everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been asked by Chaim Alexander CHEK Practitioner Level 1, HLC Level 3 from New York City to assist him and Antonio Valladares a CHEK Practitioner from New York City, with administrating a NEW!!! Facebook group below.

Fitness & Nutrition SECRETS “What They Don’t Want You to Know”

Here is the description of the group:


– That your Doctor if FAT and living on multiple Medications?

– That your Nutritionist is OVER WEIGHT?

– That your Chiropractor has a BIG GUT and poor posture?

– That your Personal Trainer is living on “pain meds” (for joint pain) and “constipated”?

– That your Physical Therapist is suffering from reoccurring Lower Back Pain?

– That the Nurse in the Hospital is Fat and has High Blood Pressure?


Don’t you deserve to have a Health Care Professional that “walks the walk & talks the talk”?

Ever wonder why there is so much information about Fitness & Nutrition out there. Why experts tell you the things they do. Like stay on a low fat diet, eat complex carbohydrates and stay away from the simple carbohydrates. Why the number of people developing the silent killer Type 2 Diabetes is increasing, why the number of people developing cancer keeps increasing each year when we have all these cancer fighting organizations collecting money and doing research. Why society is developing more and more diseases even though we have billions of dollars invested in disease prevention. The list goes on and on of these so called experts leading society to poor health and disease. Why are they doing this? What benefits do they get out of it?

It’s time to learn the SECRETS that they don’t want you to know!!!

Wellness Coaches that – walk the walk & talk the talk:

Antonio Valladares

Isabel De Los Rios

Brandon Krieger

Our intention is to inform over 10,000 people on Facebook.
Please invite your family members, friends, colleagues…etc to join this group and ask questions.

We’re going to be posting articles, videos and answer questions that these experts don’t want you to know.
KNSS’s Facebook Group is

KNSS Consulting- Knowledge of Nutrition, Stress Reduction & Successful…


Brandon Krieger HLC 1, CMTA, NWS


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