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Good morning everyone,

It’s been a little while since I posted last. I’ve been working on doing some market research trying to find out how I can better serve people.  The funny thing is this, I’ve been getting little to no feed back or I get people thinking I’m trying to sell them something right of the bat. Which is not the case, if people did the research about me I’m truly about helping people first. To the point that where people who haven’t been able to afford my services I have bartered with them just to keep that exchange of energy. Every relationship, partnership, business relationship should be a 50/50 split. If your are going to take more then the other person, that person isn’t going to feel valued. Now that’s just my value on how I want to live my life and run my business I’m not saying you should do it yourself. I want to enjoy what I do and see people succeed with out becoming a corporate model where it’s all about the selling, profit margins…etc. Then you lose sight of what is truly important, that is why my business value is help people first.  Don’t get me wrong like all of us in today’s society we need to make money so we can pay the bills, put food on our plate and for me keep educating myself so I can keep helping people.

With that being said I need your help I want to learn what people are most concerned about, be it business, health, stress, weight loss, relationships…etc I want to hear from you. I have taken courses and know how to help people in all different areas in life. But if I’m not directly speaking to you and directly addressing a challenge that you might have. I’m just ranting to the internet.  I don’t want to do that I want to make a difference in peoples lives even if it’s just one thing I recommend you do and you feel better, I would be full filling my legacy.

What I need from you is this, Please ask people you know to come to my blog and answer these questions below. Ask them to e-mail me there answers to iwant@knssconsulting.com .

This way I can really see how I can best serve our family, friends and our community.


1. What are the biggest challenges you’re dealing with Today?

2. What would you say are the main health concerns you have at the moment?

3. What are your top 5 most significant stressful events in your life?

4. Have you look for alternatives (Books, DVD’s, Courses, Video’s…etc) to help provide you with a solution? Please specify which resources you felt helped and which ones you felt didn’t provide you the Answer you needed for your unique situation?

5. What are the biggest frustrations or challenges you are experiencing with your business right now?

6. What is the biggest fear you have about your business right now?

7. If you would like the 4 FREE Easy Steps to Reducing Stress please provide your phone number in the e-mail and a good time to call you.

For helping me out I want to give back to you guys, so this is what I’m going to do

Everyone that e-mails me back I will be giving you the 4 FREE Easy Steps to Reducing Stress.

For the first 20 people who e-mail me I will be giving them a FREE  30 minute consultation with me.

For the first 5 people who e-mail me I will be giving them a FREE 1 hour consultation with me (valued at $150). Plus an action plan at the end of the consultation to help them achieve their goals and 1 week of e-mail support (valued at $665.00).

This is just to thank you for all your help because I really appreciate it and I love to give back

Love & Chi

Brandon Krieger H.L.C. level 2, C.M.T.A. ®, N.W.S.

Website: https://knssconsulting.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/Brandon_Krieger

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/knsssconsulting


  1. gethealthywithme

    You are truly awesome Brandon,

    I know I am learning so much about myself and how I need to approach my life with your guidance

    Thank you


  2. Frokostordning

    Well… that’s very interessting but frankly i have a hard time determining it… wonder how others think about this..


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