Is Staying Focused Hard?


How hard it is to stay focus

Over the past few months it has been harder then ever to stay focused.

For example everything that has been happening around me like, the “Rapture/ End of Day’s”, working with clients on Holistic healing, coaching Social Technologies, clients asking me about personal training and all that great business opportunities that keep coming up. it’s so hard to stay focuses because the is just so much to choose from.

Look at what is going on around you, are you seeing the same thing? Is there numerous opportunities coming up in your life? Is there people offering you business opportunities, and ways to make more money?

If so trust me I’m going through the same challenges and have found a way to help my community while still staying focused. Here let me explain, most of us know someone in different niches, be it a personal trainer, plumber, real estate, consultant…etc What I do now is this, when someone comes to me with a business opportunity I ask my social network if this is something they need or be interested in. If there is an interest and it’s not aligned with what I’m suppose to be working on for myself. I hand it over to the expert that I have built a business friendship with and let them run with it. It’s their business and it helps them grow. A key point to keep in mind is make sure the expert you are referring to is inline with your ethics. The importance is that in this day of social media and social networking when you refer someone your reputation is on the line. If you refer a amazing person people will see that and trust you which helps build your business friendships for business in the future.

When working in a social trend that you build business friendships in by helping your business friends. You must have a 50/50 relationship and if it is only one sided that you are helping them out but they aren’t helping you. It is time to find a new business friend, think of it like a bad boyfriend you need to break up with them.

When you are focused on your dream try to stay focused on it. This will help you achieve success faster and easier.

Think of raising a 2 year old child how they need food, attention, nurturing, time to play with them. Imagine you had a second 2 year old, now a 3rd one, a 4th one…etc each of those being a business opportunity and you will realize how important it is just to focus on one at a time.

Love & Chi,

Brandon Krieger HLC, ITIL, PPS
Social Technologies Coach & Professional Speaker

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