If I Was to Run The Occupy Movement

Just logged on to my Social Sites, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and my Google Reader. I keep seeing this “Occupy Movement”, “Occupy Wall Street” hash tags and news feeds.

I checked out the news feeds about this movement and see how they are protesting against the few by going to Wall Street.  The message is clear that the Wall Street Protest was because the Government provided poor mortgage packages that the American population bought into. Then because the movement is protesting that the Governments solution was to provided a bailout package that the American population is ending up paying back through their taxes.  That is from what I can see.

I am going to provided you my opinion on the situation and then my recommended solution so please read through to the end.

To me this doesn’t make sense why we are protesting against the government/ big business when they don’t care. They are the ones who setup this process in the first place and if you fight back you will be arrested.  Protesting against a corrupt system like the financial, pharmaceuticals, Food, Government…etc is only going to get you in trouble one way or another.  If we have learned anything up to now is that if you make enough noise the government who controls the laws will try to find a way to remove you from the situation one way or another.

Now enough doom and gloom, but I want people to understand those are the facts. The people this movement is going against are powerful and will do what they can to survive.


Here are my recommendations

1-      Start teaching people how to eat properly healthy organic food, not supplements but real food. Through this process of getting healthy people will be able to feel better, get off medication, think clearer and be able to do more.  They will be able to learn more and make better choices in all aspects of life.  Remember our food is our source of nutrients and energy. If we are not healthy we start to rely on other systems like pharmaceuticals to provide a bandage approach to our health and wellness. This process decrease our intelligence and makes us rely on others to take care of us. We don’t think of what needs to be done, we get in a fear state and we look for quick solutions to the problem.  This is how big business provides us solutions and because we are scared and sick we buy into it.


2-      Education- once people are clear and focused they can learn about what is going on and make better choices for themselves and for their community. Like not purchasing past their means so they go into debt. This is why people are tied to jobs and burn out, get sick, and can’t think for themselves. We go into debt where the banks have us controlled by them.  Hence why the mortgage package of zero down came about in the first place. People should of rented shared residents…etc if they couldn’t afford a house, not buy into one. This process was a setup from the beginning and if people were clearer they would have seen this. They would of said I make this much money and I can’t afford a house, no Thank you. But because the Government has us un-healthy, in debt, worried about our safety and security. They can tell us whatever we want to hear and we believe them. That is why it is up to us to start making the changes ourselves.


3-      Make changes first for you, start eating better, learn how you can make more money and get out of debt without taking out more money from the banks and getting tied up in the system.  If the Occupy Movement wants to help make changes look at the people that are struggling and find ways to help them. Find ways to help them get healthy and get out of debt. Programs in each community about health, wellness, finances, work with business’s to help get people better paying jobs. Show people how to get out of debt with payment plans with their own money not the banks money.


I have seen, watched and read too many resources on this subject alone. If you want to make change be the change. Start doing it yourself.

If everyone gets healthy will the pharmaceutical industry be a billion dollar industry?

If we start eating organic food will we be smarter and healthier and be able to make better choices?

If we don’t have any debt will the banks be able to control our money?

Will there be as big of a division from the few to the many?

The Occupy Movement is a great movement, but needs to think how to truly make change in this world and take back control is not by protesting to the few for them to make change, it is to educate the masses to have them make changes, which will deal with the root cause, US. By you and I taking back control, making better choices and decision we will work to be united as a community and not divided and controlled by Governments/Corporations.  That will create massive change.


That is what I would do if I was to run The Occupy Movement.


Love & Chi,

Brandon “The Twitter Doctor” Krieger HLC, ITIL, PPS

Social Technologies Coach, Holistic Lifestyle Coach & Professional Speaker

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