How was everyone’s long weekend?

I was pretty busy myself this weekend and went up to Cheltenham Badlands Trail where I was able to see the badlands (picture above). Which was a great experience and made me think of the last few months of how things have developed for me.

The great thing is how my business has developed and how I was able to overcome the rough terrain of life.

Watching on the Social sites you can see people are working on finding their way through the terrain some are successful and some are still having more of a challenge.

With the ones who are finding it challenging this is my recommendation.

1) Strive for something bigger then Money

2) What skills and/or service can you offer that will help people

3) Make sure you are consistent

This is what I did and to be honest I was able to do things I dreamed about. Plus it’s getting better each and every day.


I am just starting to get going on blogging/vloging again with the new website. Keep posted because I am going to provide some Golden Nuggets


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