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Good Afternoon Everyone.

I’m having an interesting morning, woke up to this morning with the smell of ribs cooking in my slow cooker for my family Boxing Day party at 2pm today.

While sitting here I have been reading a few Facebook posts and articles.

One that really stuck out was the one from David Ledoux and he was writing about a business proposal he would like to submit to Dana White click here to read more.

This got me thinking about exactly what David was saying, how many of us have ideas that we are sitting on, that we haven’t put into action?

I know one of my core values I have learned and put into practice was this key tip which I want to give to you today, “Speed of Implementation”.

Whenever I had an idea in the past I would let it sit, think about it and then eventually 90% of my ideas I would do nothing with. Now since living by the “Speed of Implementation” I’ve seen so much more success and nothing has held me back from going for what I believe in. Getting interviews on Radio shows, working with amazing business’s and entrepreneurs, there has been so many great opportunities which have developed.

What business ideas do you have on the burner that you haven’t implemented?

Here is an accountability exercise for you; comment below with 3 of your best ideas just something short doesn’t have to be the full idea for example:

“Write my book on The Benefits on Twitter”

“Meet with…”

“Create Goal Setting Coaching Program”

Put your Twitter ID beside your comment and I will also Tweet it out so that everyone knows you are working on the business idea you post. This way there is no procrastinating you idea is out there and people who are interested will be waiting to hear how it’s going.

Don’t forget to comment below this article.

Love & Chi

Brandon Krieger 


  1. David Ledoux

    Chin down and your hands up Brandon…keep punching! Enjoy the day.


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