How Can I Help You?

It’s funny I’ve been studying over the last few weeks on how I can better serve the people I work with. Something kept coming up time and time again, Money! How much is it going to cost, there’s got to be a catch…etc It’s sad to see with all the marketing on the internet, radio, T.V….etc people are so overwhelmed with being sold to when an authentic question is asked people initially think How Much?

I’m a Holistic Lifestyle Coach and am always trying to learn how I can do better to help the people I work with and be able to provide more information that can help their family and friends. To hear that initial response shows me how stressed and defensive our society is.

I’m running  a test over the next couple of days. I have asked a simple question “What is One Thing I Could Help You With?”. I want to see what kind of feed back I’m going to get because to be honest my goal is to see who I can help. It might be referring them to a website I know of for more information, or a book I’ve read, video I have seen or just providing them with an quick answer to their question.  Because I have been doing my research and found this on an average people are struggling in one or all of these areas: Health, Relationships, Finances, Business/Career. This is not rocket science anyone with a internet access can find this out. Now here’s the key I have found that there are billions of dollars being spent on personally developing these areas. Which shows me that either people have a lot of money they want to spend or that people are trying to find a solution to their Health, Relationship, Finances, Business/Career challenges but spending money on different products, courses..etc and not achieving their goals.

Each of us are unique in our challenges what ever they maybe and sometimes 1 book, 1 course, 1 seminar is not going to help us overcome that challenge. We need an action plan and consistent action to accomplish it.  I also see this there are several people now really focused on bettering themselves and have hired a Personal trainer,  Nutritionist or Naturopath, Financial Advisor, Life Coach…etc spending thousands of dollars but they are all have different goals for you.  Personal Trainer wants to increase your cardio, lose weight, the Nutritionist wants you to stay away from heavy meats, reduce your starchy carbohydrate intake. Naturopath wants to deal with your digestion issues, fungus you might have giving you some supplements and changing your diet. Your Financial Advisor is telling you to balance out your spending…etc This is vary rare but I want you to get the point we only need to have our goals in sync if their not just like this example it seems all over the place and very stressful to maintain.

I would recommend you seek out 1 professional who can draw out a full Lifestyle Action plan and here’s the secret people don’t want you to know this but I’m going to tell you today.

The action plan NEEDS to consist of

1) Nutrition plan that is going to be unique for your lifestyle and unique metabolism. This will help with energy, focus, clarity, keeping you healthy so you can work towards your goals.

2) a 1 year Exercise Program– Each year you set goals to accomplish health should be one of them. If you exercise properly you will increase your energy, de-stress from the day, keep your body detoxifying any waste it has in it and be able to preform at your highest level no matter if it’s at work or having fun.

3) Your Values/ Goals/ Legacy— If the person doesn’t know your values how is she/he going to draw out an action plan that is going to work for you?

4) An Action plan to put all of the above together.

If you find someone that meets all these area’s I would say grab them and never let them go because they will help you achieve your dreams!

If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail at

Love & Chi,

Brandon Krieger H.L.C. level 2, C.M.T.A. ®, N.W.S.

International Holistic Lifestyle Coach &

North American Editor for VividLife

If you can conceive it, you will achieve it!!!!

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