Holistic Lifestyle Coach talks about How to be Successful in Your Business

Over the years I have read numerous amounts of success books 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, Listen to Anthony Robbins…etc.  Each time I was able to move my knowledge up to the next level but it only lasted for so long. Then I had to review it again. I found most of these books were talking about one part of success, be it personal or business but they were talking about the whole package.

I was still over weight but making $70,000 a year doing IT work (Information Technology) which was part of my success that I wanted. I was able to apply the recommendations these books provided me to be successful and obtain it but still was not happy emotionally or physically.  I was having back problems, getting sick but the money was increasing.  I see this time and time again with facebook posts, webinars, groups…etc all talking about the money aspects, How to get more prospects ? How to make more money? The list goes on and on. The challenge is really more serious than people think, most people do not even realize there is a bigger issue.  They do not even know themselves.

I have coach numerous amounts of people trying to become successful from all different countries. Each and every time I have to work on them first personally, nutrition, sleep, core values, legacy..etc
before I worked on their business each and everyone saw success just with those fundamental changes.

I am sure you are saying why would I have to work on these areas first before I work on my business or career success?  Think of it this way if you do not have a strong foundation how are you going to build a high rise that can reach as high as you can imagine?  If your core values, legacy, breathing, hydration, exercise, nutrition and thoughts are not at their optimal how are you going to be able to build on top of it? Business or career is secondary to these main foundational principals.  If they are not strong when you add more pressure your success will crumble to the bottom and you will be wondering why.

I am telling you here today, it is because you did not have a strong foundation to be able to build on.  Before you try making your millions make sure your foundation is strong. Nothing sucks more then spending a lot of your hard earned money, your time and heart into something that crumbles underneath you.

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Brandon Krieger,
Clinical Director, Holistic Lifestyle Coach & Reiki Practitioner.


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    • knssconsulting

      Thank Traffic Mayhem. I do my best to help people in all aspects of life be it personally, professionally or spiritually. thank you for your comments and I would love if you could share my information with as many people as you can.

      Love & Chi

      Brandon Krieger


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