Happy New Years 2013

The year is almost over and we are in the Holiday season. Before you know it the year will be completely over and it will be a brand new year.

I’m sitting here on Christmas eve alone reflecting on the year that has just past. The good and the bad. We’ve all gone through our own challenges and transitions this past year, some of us more then others. I wanted to tell you I’m very thankful for all of you in my life, my close family and friends, my extended friends on the social communities and the new ones I’ve recently met.

I don’t divide my business relationships with my personal relationships. Which I was reminded last night when I watched Tim Ferris’s interview on Behind The Brand http://youtu.be/ltD-iNx1MSE  .One of the things he discussed was the mall test which was, If you saw someone you worked with in the mall, would you hide your head and act like you didn’t see them. Would you give them a nod and just keep walking by or when you see them would you go over excited to see them? Which made me think in this last year if someone saw me in the mall how would they re-act when they saw me. Which really made me think about my actions and my relationships I’ve developed in the last year and why.

Over the last year I’ve developed some amazing relationships and strengthen my existing ones.  For example my friendship with Carolyn has become stronger, I’ve helped her with her new business, branding, web development and video marketing over the past several months. We’ve been able to help each other go through some tough transitions.

My new business partner Michael Beaune from www.bamboomarketing.ca who has been a great friend and someone I have valued working with and watching UFC fights with 🙂

I don’t know if he will read this but Chris Bellio from www.timecodeproductions.com . Chris has taught me everything I know when it comes to using Final Cut Pro X and has be an amazing influence to help me excel in video marketing. I know I have asked a lot from Chris and he has always helped me. Thank you Chris.

David Wojcik from www.biztvcanada.com who has helped me appearing on RogersTV live on his show, he is also teaching me out to be an expert at Television appearances, writing my scripts and reading off a teleprompter.

Now there has been people in the last year who have taught me a lot through working with them. Going through the ups and downs with them. Some of them might of been a roller coaster of fun and I love you guys for going through the journey with me. Those challenging relationships are always the ones I feel I grow from the most. I’m still learning who I want to strive to become, who I want to be part of my community and much more.

The one thing I know about myself and I have neglected it, if anyone knows my Grandma and/or Mom they will confirm this. I’ve always been someone who will speak my mind, tell the truth, I never give up, as well I’ve always wanted to help people. No matter what their situation is I’ve done my best to help the people around me. That’s one of the reasons why I became a Holistic Lifestyle Coaching, Energy worker and studied Metaphysic to learn how to help people in all area’s of life.  Over the last year I’ve been trying to figure it all out, because my views on business, social media marketing, business development have always been different. Which has been a struggle growing my business over the last year because I’ve been dividing me and my business. In the process of writing my first book it has been therapeutic and eye opening to really shed a light on my F.E.A.R.’s. Which is my Christmas gift to me.

There is a review process I would like to go through and preparation process to get ready for the New Year. I will give you the process first and then I will give you mine review below.

First I like to review the year that just past

1) What great things I accomplished through the year and what I learned from them

2) What failures I had over the past year and what I have learned  from them.

Second I like to write out my new goals for the up coming year keeping in mind what I’ve learned and what I’ve accomplished the previous year.

Here is my review.

Great accomplishments in 2012

In 2012 I’ve learned so much and thankful of which I will do in point form or it will be too long 🙂

– Developed a better business strategy and price model to work with business friends which has been amazing!

– Fine tuned what services I offer to my clients

– Met so many great business friends this year that have really taught me a lot

– Learned how to edit video’s using iMovie and Final Cut ProX

– Started working with great clients that I’ve loved working with.

– Started to write my first book and have the first draft completed this year. I’m excited for it to be my first published book

– Been on RogersTv live  numerous times thanks to David Wojcik

– Reached over 50,000 followers on Twitter

– Mississauga Entrepreneurs Network has over 570 members

-Connected back with some old friends I haven’t talked to in a while.


Failures in 2012

– Did not have my systems setup properly at the start of the year, as well as my pricing. I lost a few clients this year while I was fine tuning my services and rates. I was trying to figure out the market trends, competitive rates and while still building my business properly.

– Bringing my negative emotions into business and not realizing it’s ok to say no, as well it’s ok to walk away. I was chasing money which created bad relationships in business.

– Staying consistent with my marketing, I fluctuated with my video marketing/blog because I was busy with clients that I shouldn’t have taken on. This was because I was chasing money vs. being smart about business and developing long good business relationships.

– I failed at managing my own time and started to implement the 80/20 rule that I teach my clients which is

What’s taking 80% of my time and not providing results- These I had to stop

What I spend 20% of my time and receive 80% of my abundance – These actions I have to do more of

-Try to do a TV show spot where I had to read from a Teleprompter and failed miserably. Didn’t realize how much of a skill it was to do it

There might be more but those are the failures that come to mind.


Goals for 2013

– Finish my book, publish it. Then I want to do a book tour with talks, seminars, media related spots and travel as much as I can.

– I’m on RogersTV live starting in January and doing a show every Monday at 8pm EST. My goals is to do a great job and build more of a local community

– Create a online community that I help people worldwide with marketing,branding, Social media marketing and business consulting

– Do my YouTube video’s weekly “Social Media The Truth” helping people learn about Social Media Marketing

– Establish myself as a Social Media Marketing and Business consulting experts worldwide from the actions above.

– Double my business in the first quarter and keep increasing it in each quarter after for 2013 by the consistent actions above.

–  Learn Spanish still working on the best way to learn this

–  Learn how to play the guitar, this one is going to be fun

– Read one book a month (don’t like reading books so this is going to be a challenge)

-Learn the skill too read from a Teleprompter like an expert.

– Develop a flow of revenue from the actions above to be able to purchase any and all tech gadgets I want for 2013.

– Take a mini vacation once a month, still working on where  🙂

…More to come once I check off some of these 🙂

I wish you all the best in the New Year


Fiat Lux

Brandon Krieger
KNSS Consulting Group Social Media Marketing Consulting

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