Happy Mother’s Day To All The Mothers Who Have The Toughest Job in The World!


Happy Mother’s Day


Waking up this morning I have an amazing feeling of gratitude for all the Mother’s in my life that have raised me and help me get to where I am today. I came from a very unique up bringing when I grew up because I was raised by my Grandmother from the age of 2 because my Mom was had health challenges and needed help raising me. Plus I am sure I was a handful at the time and still am today 🙂

My Mom and Grandmother both taught me so much which I value today, my hard work ethic, stubbornness to never give up in what I believe in, to have compassion to all no matter what’s their situation, problems, race…etc to always welcome them in and do your best to help. I am sure there is so much more.

Growing up I’m sure I was short sighted and argued against their wisdom every step of the way as I went through the personal growth stages of being dependant and independent.  Now being at the stage of intra-dependant I can understand and appreciate what they have to still teach me even to this day.

They were amazing at being mothers, I never got into any real trouble and was always respectful to the people I met.

It was funny this morning I was looking up to see what the definition of “Mother” was and found medical related definitions, religious views but didn’t find what I feel is the true definition of Mothers which is:

“A mother is a selfless guide, healer, mentor who has chosen to give her life and take on the responsibility through thick and thin to do their best they can to teach their child and/or children how to live in this world. They understand it can be a thankless journey, with long hours, sleepless nights, they understand the role and do it day in and day out with no regret”

That is my definition of a “Mother”

Take the time today to Thank the Mothers in your life.

Fiat Lux
(Let There Be Light)

Brandon Krieger
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