Do you have the goods? — A Health Challenge where Everyone Wins…

Hi Everyone,

Do you really want to know the Truth About Nutrition?…. If so, there is a challenge going on right now that you can be a part of!

First, let me tell you a little bit about myself. My Name is Brandon Krieger, Founder of KNSS Consulting and Creator of KNSS Consulting Secret 2 Success. I’m a Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor from Toronto Ontario. I have clients in several different countries and work with practitioners all over the world to help educate people on how to be healthy Personally, Professionally and Spiritually.

Recently, I’ve been working with Youtube’s Guru Sean Croxton from Underground Wellness (http://www.undergroundwellness) on how to build our exposure and help educate more people. Sean has a Talk Radio Show where he has all sorts of Health and Wellness Experts on his show. He has 9000 Follower and growing on his Youtube Channel. He works with clients worldwide has helped thousands of people through his education.

Now, I’m sure you’re thinking, “This is great information, but what does that have to do with us?”

Sean Croxton and I have under 3000 followers on Twitter. Sean has bet me that if I get 3000 followers by this Friday (June 12th) he will come on my Live Show on June 18th for a Free Q&A session where all viewers can ask him any and all questions. I’m excited because I know anyone that is in the health field, his followers or anyone that has health questions will have the opportunity to have them answered for free. This is normally a $99 value per client, but you guys will be getting this for free!

Plus, to thank the viewers for helping me reach 3000 followers by Friday June 12, I will be offering a Special Bonus Gift to some of the viewers on the show. That’s not all… another colleague I know who teaches people how to market themselves and/or their business over the internet is going to do a FREE 1hr show right after Sean’s Q&A if I make the deadline.

Just to recap: You can all experience Health Guru Sean Croxton live, a marketing expert and A Special Bonus Gift that will be announced on the show…IF I win.

What I need from you is to SPREAD THE WORD and help me get 3000 Followers by the end of Friday. Let’s get Sean on my show!

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