Day 16 to 20 of Brandon’s Weightloss Challenge

Good morning everyone,

I have a good week nutritionally and health wise but a bad week personally. On Tuesday there was a lightening storm was pretty bad. So bad that the a lightening bolt hit just across the stress and took out the transformer which left me without power until Thursday morning. I had to do some catch up with my clients because I had to e-mail out forms, questionnaires and information I promised them. That is why I haven’t had a chance until now to post on the blogs until today.

Nutritionally I had a great week my eating is been on track after the fun UFC night and I have lost 4lbs this week. I’m still doing food journals but I wouldn’t be posting them anymore unless you guys want me to. I haven’t received much feed back if they are helping or not so for the mean time I’m going to just do them for myself.

Now the work-outs on my day 1 post I recommended a book “How to Eat Move and Be Healthy” by Paul Chek. I have been doing the Energizer program on Page 175 to 177 and it is such a simple program but I have been losing weight from doing it. I went with this program due to I’ve been trying to build my business, raise money for HLC2 which I wasn’t able to in time 🙁 I was a little frustrated because of that but that’s how life goes. My back not a strong as it needs to be which I need to develop the strength and keep the alignment so I don’t have an episode. As well just like the name of the program is called Energizer that is also what I need to build through this process.

Let me know what you think I really would appreciate any and all comments.

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Have a great weekend

Brandon 🙂

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