Day 15 of Brandon’s Weightloss Challenge

Good morning everyone,

Today is day 16 of my 33 day weight loss program. People have been asked what’s my weight now and I thought about weighing myself but I’m going to wait until the end so I don’t put more pressure on myself. I feel my cloths are getting loser and my stomach is going down so for me those are great signs. Like I said yesterday my eating was off over the weekend which I know affected my weight but I’m sure this week will be great because I’ve increased my workout and intensity starting yesterday I did 2 work out sessions which I’m feeling it today. I’m a little tight all over after the workout so I’m going to do a cardio day today and stretching. I want to be careful that I don’t build muscle through this process and go up in scale weight. I know when I do workout I build muscle very quickly which is good to speed up my metabolism but bad when I’m trying to go down in weight so quickly. So I’m going to play with my workouts to make sure I have enough resistance training to increase my metabolism but not enough to bulk up.

I was at work at 24hr Vision all day and put in 2 workouts.

Morning workout

12 min of cardio with intervals of 2 min jog and 1 min walk for the full 12 mins
1 set 10 reps 4 point tummy vacuums
1 set 10 reps McKenzie press ups

Afternoon workout
circuit training

First circuit was

25 static lunges
25 crunches off an exercise ball
25 Russian twists
25 Push ups
plank for 25 seconds (which was our rest)

Second circuit
12 static lunges
12 crunches off an exercise ball
12 Russian twists
12 Push ups
plank for 12 seconds (my seconds lol was doing this routine with a client so I might of lost count a few times)

so I’m a little stiff right now which is good and I’m going to the gym at 10am today to do some light cardio, stretching and a few exercises.

Here is my food journal from yesterday Monday August 10th 2009.
Monday August 10 -2009 Food Journal

If you would like to ask me any questions you can contact me on twitter at
I really appreciate any feed back due to I want to make sure this is benefiting you. As well if you would like me to add any other information please feel free to ask.


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