Day 14 of Brandon’s Weight Loss Challenge

Good afternoon everyone,

Sunday was a little bit of a right off for me. I watched the UFC Saturday night and bought some snacks for my guests. Needless to say they didn’t eat them all and I was left with some goodies that I finished off on Sunday. Mostly just the pop now I want to add the pops were all organic but still not good for my protein type metabolism. It through me off all day to the point I took a nap at 4pm and didn’t wake up until around 10pm.  I didn’t accomplish much yesterday but got back on track today, like I say 80% of the time eat as best as you can and 20% throw caution to the wind. Well this weekend was my caution to the wind.  But I want to reach my goal by August 28th so I’m going to try to do 90% to 100% from today on.  Plus add some cardio and increase my intensity of my workouts.  look for tomorrows post which will show how I increased my workout.

Here’s Sundays Food journal below

Sunday August 8th Food Journal

Thanks everyone,

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  1. umeman

    Keep up the good work i know what you are talking about


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