Day 1 of Brandon’s Weight Loss Challenge

Day 1 of Brandon’s Weight Loss Challenge

Good morning everyone I have gone through day one of my 33 day weight loss challenge. I really understand the challenge most of us have in trying to stay healthy while living a busy lifestyle. Planning out meals, trying to prepare food, while trying to get ready for work all within a couple of hours and trying to find time to get some exercise in. If this sound familiar I’ve been there working as a IT contractor working 12 hour shifts per day 7:00am to 7:00pm being exhausted when I got home not wanting to do anything except watch T.V. and vegetate.  Now running my own business has taken its toll because I haven’t been practicing what I preach because I have been studying like a mad man trying to get a head and have gained at my highest point 55lbs weighing in at 240lbs from 185lbs. Now done to 222lbs as of yesterday from just balancing out what I have been eating but that still isn’t good enough.

That is why I have given myself 2 goals first 1 is to get down to 200lbs by August 28th 2009 the 2nd one is to get back down to my original weight of 185lbs by October 6th 2009 (My Birthday). That is my gift to me, to be healthy for my birthday through eating right for my Metabolic Type, Exercising properly and making sure I keep my lifestyle in harmony.

As promised for the next 33 days I will be posting my food journals as well as my exercise program.  I want to make a note here that all food on my food journals through this process is going to be Certified Organic from 1 of 2 stores in Oakville Ontario either Organic Garage or Whole Foods unless otherwise specified.

I’m going to try to follow the 90/10 rule that I have for myself. This is 90% of the time I will be eating certified organic food that I prepare for myself  in the correct ratio for my Metabolic Type (Parasympathetic Dominate for any of you MT advisors out there) and 10% I will eat out.  I personally do the 10% rule because if I go out and I’m hungry I’m not going to starve myself until I get home or stress about what I have to eat which will through my metabolism off. I will of course eat in the right ratio’s when I eat out, it just wouldn’t be certified organic food.

I’ll be doing a sensitivity test very soon as I get more income coming in to show you my chart and how I will incorporate it to my program. This is very important for example I have found recently through trial and error that I have a sensitivity to rice and it irritates my colon. This is important because there are connective tissues from the colon to the spine which if you guys don’t know I have had problems with.  I have learned and personally found that if I eat something that irritates my colon it affects my back within 1hr or 2.  This might sound strange to some of you reading this and trying to understand this concept for the first time which it did to me when I first heard it from an Athletic Therapist ( Carolyn Zepf Ultimate Sports Therapy) 3 years ago I didn’t want to believe my food was affected my lower back. Sure enough I cleaned up my diet and my back started to feel better. So I have been working on eliminating any food that I could have a sensitivity to Dairy, Onions, Rice, Corn just to name a few. So as soon as I have enough money I will be getting an MRT test and posting my results.

I will be ranting about what I’m doing and things I’ve found for myself through the process to give you a better idea how my system works and some challenges on the way.

Here is what I have completed so far

Food journal Monday July 27th, 2009

Brandon Krieger Food Journal for Monday July 27-2009

Brandon Krieger Food Journal for Monday July 27-2009

Exercise program

–          I went through the stretching assessment I use for my clients in Paul Chek’s book “How to Eat Move and Be Healthy” took about 1 hr to do from start to finish

–          The I completed

–          2 sets of 10 McKenzie Press-Ups

–          2 sets of 4 Point Tummy Vacuums

–          2 sets of Reverse Hyperextensions off an exercise ball.

–          20 min walk on a tread mill

For more information about the stretching program and a good foundation on how to get started  you can and order your copy of  Paul Chek’s “How to Eat Move and Be Healthy”  Today!!!

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  1. Flor

    lol weight loss is always a challenge for me! but i believe you will succeed with such a thorough planning!
    Flor (

    • knssconsulting

      Thx Flor, weight loss doesn’t have to be a challenge. If you eat properly, exercise, go to bed on time, reduce the stress in you life your body will want to get rid of the extra weight. Let me know if I can help you in anyway

  2. Calvin Forsyth

    Cheers for taking the time on this, I was searching everywhere for something similar, though this is just as helpful.


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