Danny Woods Real Estate Marketing and Technology Expert

I saw Danny Woods live at the Mississauga Real Estate Board teaching a room full of real estate agents how to optimize their business using the newest technology in the industry. I even walked away with a few golden nuggets myself. If you are in the real estate industry and want to learn how you can use the newest technology to market your business, don’t miss this interview. Put this date in your calendar right now: November 18th from 6pm to 7pm EDT and join us at www.knssconsulting.com/live. I will be interviewing Danny on air at the KNSS Live Hangout about real estate marketing and the technologies you need to use in today’s market.

Here is a little bit about him:

Danny has been speaking for the real estate industry since 2011. From his live events, webinars & coaching, he has developed on-demand online training. So when an agent is ready, they can log-in and have Danny guide them on the topic of choice. Brokerages are now using it as a way to train and recruit.

Danny’s website www.DanWood.ca focuses on marketing & technology, finding what works, and showing others how to replicate that system in their business step-by-step!

During our information-packed interview on November 18th, we will be covering:

1. How does online marketing relate to the real estate industry?

2. What changes in technology are you seeing that would benefit a real estate agent?

3. How can a busy real estate agent keep up with all the changes in technology?

4. What five tips would you give a real estate agent to optimize their business?

5. What technologies do all real estate agents need to have right now?

Make sure you put November 18th, 2013 from 6pm to 7pm EDT in your calendar, and come join us at www.knssconsulting.com/live to watch, participate and learn from this interactive interview.

Speak to you then.

To Learn More about Danny visit his website at www.danwood.ca



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