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Good morning everyone,

Yesterday was a great event, some really successful Entrepreneurs came out and learned a lot about Social Media and Social Technologies. Consensus across the board was that there are so many people running into one of these main issues in their business

1) Just don’t have the time to be able to update all the social networking sites, record a video edit it and then post to all the Social Media and Social Networking Sites

2) Don’t see the return on investment, they have been using the tools but are just struggling to build those relationships and connect with their followers. These people are become desperate because their finances/profits are decreasing because they are just not getting the customers they use too.

3) Don’t believe that this style of marketing is going to last. This is just a fad and will pass.

Sad to see but so many Entrepreneurs are finding this challenges and are getting desperate because of the economy people are needing to make more money. They are going to online business’s, mlm’s, …etc with the dream that it will make them financially safe. But not realizing their a business as well and you have to have a business model, Social marketing plan and daily actions in place so that you can attract paying customers. Now lets say you are in a local business and you are paying for advertising space, Yellow pages, ads, build boards…etc Which can get up to the $10,000 to $20,000 per month depending how much money you are making and how aggressive you are at building your business.

I have been seeing people desperately trying to find a solution how to get a head of their competition with little over head so they can see a higher ROI for their business and attracted more paying customers. Speaking to these Entrepreneurs and all of us agreeing that people are currently searching for products/services on Google, 500 Million on Facebook, 200 Million on Twitter more then every before. They realize they have to start advertising to these sites, BUT HOW!

I have tried different marketing online systems, applications…etc with a lot of over head and very low rate of return. I got frustrated to the point I actually got a job as a Personal Trainer at Goodlife just to make ends meet. I couldn’t handle not being able to attract customers to my business and make money. I never gave up and was consistent on my personal development. I was paying for a marketing system that I was using here and there but never really took the full advantage to all the marketing features it offered because I just wanted to make money quick and do my marketing the same way. Hearing how I had to get a job personally training people you understand that way of thinking just wasn’t working. I decided to write out a Social Marketing Plan, dig deep into this Marketing system and with in a short period of time. I was getting customers and my business starting growing to the point I was able to do my business full time and leave Goodlife comfortably. This Marketing System is called Traffic Geyser which I still use to this day to help me market my business of coaching Entrepreneurs how to do the same thing I did.

This online marketing application lets you due

1) Video Marketing

2) Article Marketing/ Blog Posts

3) Audio/Podcast Marketing

4) Website development

5) Updates Social Networking sites (Facebook, Twitter…etc)

6) Helps with SEO Rankings because you can post to 40 to 200 different Social Marketing websites with only one submission, automatically with one click of a button.

7) and much more…

Now this is a full suite tool and not for the people who are playing in business as I learned the hard way. This is a very serious marketing system that if used properly will generate not just leads but paying customers to your business.

If you are struggling trying to attract paying customers please CLICK on the picture below.

Now for the people that I refer to Traffic Geyser it is only $1 to try out.

Plus for anyone that signs up for the full suite of Traffic Geyser after the trial period and is truly serious about Marketing their business properly. I will give you a FREE 60 minute Social Marketing Consultation which will include

1) a Full analysis of your Marketing strategies and Web Presence

2) The Major challenges I am seeing

3) Recommendations on how to utilize Social Marketing to increase customers to your business..

4) Tips on how to use Traffic Geyser to Marketing your business

See what people are saying

“just loved his ideas for marketing my books and how to approach”
~ Michelle IT Consultant/Author/Blogger

“Thanks for a great presentation today. I look forward to working with you more in the near future”
~ Rob Social Media Consultant

“The strength to ask for help, that I didn’t know I had, has left me with a foundation for success. Together we built strategies that taught me the true value of the service I provide, which has left the doors open for exponential growth.”
~ Magdalena Luxury Consultant

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Love & Chi,

Brandon Krieger HLC, ITIL, PPS
Social Technologies Coach & Professional Speaker

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