Christmas Survival Guide

Christmas Survival Guide

How to make it through Christmas Holistically


Christmas is only 6 weeks away, parties are coming up and Christmas shopping is going to get more hectic as the big day approaches. With the Christmas season comes drinking, eating fun foods (Deserts, lots of food, drinking…etc), spending time with family and friends. This season causes people to develop short tempers, impatience, frustration…etc. I am sure we have all seen or know someone that gets affected in one of these ways around this time of the year.

Here are some tips to help enjoy this Christmas and not become a scrooge this season

1)      We all have great parties to go to with a smorgasbord of food and deserts. Make sure you eat properly over Christmas. Balance out your meals with good quality carbohydrates, proteins and fats (Certified Organic is highly recommended). Have a good meal before deserts being more generous with the proteins before you start drinking and/or eating a lot of deserts.  This will help balance out your insulin levels (Sugar levels) which will help stabilize your hormones, energy and moods. My rule of thumb is try to eat as best as possible 80% of the time and throw caution to the wind 20% of the time. Which means 80% of the time eat certified organic whole foods in balance with your bodies unique needs (Metabolic Typing) and 20% of the time go out party, drink, eat the fun foods you enjoy.  For Example Monday to Friday is the 80% Saturday and Sunday 20%.

2)      Try to exercise 20min to 30min per day even if this means going for a walk in the snow. We all need to keep the metabolism going as well de-stress from some not so jolly Christmas partiers.

3)      Rest as much as you can, we need to recharge our batteries when we have a chance.  I recommended that you go to bed around 10:30pm when possible and if you’ve had a great night of partying. Take it slow the next day. As we get worn down we have less tolerance to deal with people and our immune system gets weakens which can lead to colds and flues this time of the year.

4)      Try to complete your Christmas shopping at least 2 weeks ahead of Christmas before you get into the Christmas rush.  Where lots of people rushing around, frustrated trying to finish their shopping last minute…etc. These people have less patience and shorter tempers closer to Christmas. No point going into a lion’s den if you don’t need to

5)      We all have different types of friends and families that we love in their own special way. Make sure you plan out your Christmas visiting that you enjoy it. If you can only spend 30min with someone over Christmas do yourself a favor and only schedule 30min. This way you leave happy and can enjoy your Christmas visiting.

6)      When you eat all the good food around and sweets to follow this can rob the body of water.  The Solution to pollution is dilution. To prevent this dehydration drink lots of good quality water (Evan, Fuji) ½ your body weight in ounces per day to keep hydrated through the seasons.  For example 150lbs person is equal to approximately 3 liters of water.

7)      Last but not least have FUN with family, friends and have a Happy Holiday!!!



Season Greetings,


Brandon Krieger H.L.C 2, C.M.T.A


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