Break Through with Tony Robbins

It’s interesting I watch all 6 shows of Break Through with Tony Robbins.  To be honest each show choked me up to watch the show and really relate to the people and see the challenges they have overcome to have their limiting beliefs challenged. Then see them excel to achieve their dreams.

Looking a back at my life and going back through all the challenges I had from at 2 years old my mom was having grand mal seizure’s to the point she had to let me Grandmother raise me because she would have seizures that she wasn’t able to take care of.  Having father around to raise me and teach me. My Grandmother living with her own pain which she turned to alcohol as her support which was our families way of dealing with stress. My Grandfather never around because he was always at the race track and eventually left my Grandmother. Which left her to raise me on her one.  One of my Grandmother’s brothers took the time to teach me how to play pool and would take me out when he came to town just so I would have a male figure in my life. But he died all of the sudden of a heart attack on a baseball field in Acton. Then a family friend my Grandmother knew stepped up and started to take me out and teach me about shooting hand guns in a gun rang. Which my Mom was terrified off but when she learned all the safety steps and how I learned to respect guns she was actually was grateful that I learned how to handle them properly. Especially at 14 years old one of the schools I went too hand some kids from a rough area and I was very street smart because of this. That family friend passed away when I was 18 years old which was hard.

I dropped out of school at 18 to go work in warehousing because I felt I needed money and I wasn’t really good at school. So why not make money.

So at this point you can understand I grew up as a angry child/teenager/young adult. I never was in trouble with the law but had a big chip on my shoulder. I started Karate with a great instructor who to this day I really respect because he saw that I was an angry kid and just wanted to learn to fight. But he say deeper than that and taught me what the true meaning of Martial arts is.

At 21 years old I got a young women pregnant and in the shock of everything I got married and went through 2 years of a truly bad marriage, working 3 jobs trying to make ends meet, not know the person I married as well not really having anything in common with her. This lead into a 4 year long divorce and me not being able to see my son because of a long custody battle.

Then I got into a relationship with a great girl but ended up helping her out financially through school which she ended up not completely and lead to me getting a second job as a bouncer to make ends meet.  Which I ended up getting into a situation at a club which lead to me getting peppered sprayed and falsely arrested for something I didn’t do. After a long court case all charges were dropped and my record was cleared.

I also was in a motorcycle accident where I flipped my motorcycle (CBR 600 F4i) up in Orangeville doing the twisties. Ended up with a concussion and short term amnesia which took me about 3 months to remember the accident.

I injured my lower back and had a herniated disc at L5 S1 to the point I was bed ridden for 6 weeks to the longest episode I think was 4 months.  I went through very low points that I didn’t think I was going to be able to walk.   I finally had the choice to either have my spine fused or find another way to heal my back. Which I was able to heal my back thanks to Carolyn within 3 months.

which leads us up to today

Now I am not telling you this stuff to say oh poor Brandon, I watch shows like “Break Through with Tony Robbins” and I get all choked up because I really can understand what these people are going through and how hard it can be.  How when we are in that situation we can’t see there is a way out and we can do it. When you are dealing with whatever challenge we have a choice to either stay in it and fester in it or make a change to do what we can to get out of it.

I have always fought my way out of challenges because I personally felt that I can do it no matter how bad it gets I never gave up. To the point now I have left all pain and am so grateful that I have gone through the challenges that I have gone through. I’m a true Holistic Lifestyle Coach because over the last 4 years I have healed myself Holistically which is an ongoing process and will never end.

Never give up no matter how bad things may seem.

Love and Chi

Brandon Krieger

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