Brandon Vlog 6 – Monetizing?

Day 6  Monetizing?

Good morning everyone, wow I just can’t get this lighting down. Yesterday’s video was too bright and today’s video is to dark. I’ll figure it by the next video I’m going to ask my buddy Chris Bellio from Time Code Production.

In the video above I talk about monetizing yourself and touch on what my thoughts are of writing a book to monetize yourself as a solo entrepreneur. As I mention in the video there are countless ways to create revenue streams, recorded audio, video, ad’s are your site…etc.

I also discuss that sometimes a solo entrepreneur it is hard because you are the only one in your business. What I have done to rectify that is to network with great people and more successful people then I am. This way I can mastermind with them and when I have an idea I would like to implement I pass it by them to see what they think. That is why I offer business consulting to help people with their business ideas and mastermind for more information you can check out my website


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