Brandon Vlog 4 – Time Vampires

Day 4 Time Vampires

Good morning everyone, I’m starting to get into the flow of doing Video logs and up grading my video equipment.

Today I talked about Time Vampires and how they can affect our lives. Plus I show you a project I am working on 🙂

What is your worst Time Vampire story?


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Fiat Lux

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  1. E.G. Sebastian

    Great stuff, Brandon! I need to work on this too – I can easily get lost on succumbing to time vampires.

    Thanks for the reminder to respect my own time better and be firmer (in a polite way) at getting out the garlic and wood cross when a time-vampire approaches 🙂

    And… dang! I hate it when some technical stuff derails me – that’s the most frustrating!


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