Brandon Vlog 26 – Intermittent Fasting Day 10 Business Mistakes

In today’s Vlog 26, Day 10 of my Intermittent Fast I discuss Business Mistakes.  This is one area of business I feel it is very important to discuss. The are several reasons for this, one no one is perfect, two if you are posting your information out to the public and/or social networks you have to be very careful. Especially over social networks. There are people out there who are very quick to respond to a mistake you might have made and give you a hard time for it.

It is good to have systems in place in your business that can help prevent any issues. But if you are a solo entrepreneur and you don’t have a big budget then you might be the only one in your business. This is why I recommend doing your best, double checking your work and if you do make a mistake fix it as quickly as you can. As well if you get any negative feed back don’t worry about it.

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