Brandon Vlog 23 – Intermittent Fasting Day 7 – Business Opportunities

In today’s Vlog 23, Day 7 of my Intermittent Fast I discuss Business Opportunities.  Trust me I’m not trying present one to you, I promise… well I do have this deserted property in New Orleans that you would die for…Joking 🙂

What I’m talking about is the amount of Business Opportunities that I am sure all of us get offered. Especially the more successful you become, the more people have an amazing opportunity you just can’t miss.

With the growth of the internet, social sites, texting and e-mail, I know I’m personally receiving 10 to 20 offers per day.  This is why I had to come up with 3 simple questions to see if it is the right Business Opportunity for me, as well to weed out the opportunities that would be Time Vampires, you know the ones.

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